Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Wondering where you can get whole table of affordable Japanese cuisine? 
Weeks ago, I got the chance to visit Yuzu Japanese Restaurant located in Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.
Walking into the restaurant, you will see this corner where they offered FREE green tea either in hot or cold. Apart from that, there is a free refillable kimchi available in the restaurant! 
I believed you will have to pay for your own green tea in most of the restaurant right? This is not going to happen here!
Let’s have a look at what we ordered 🙂 
Salted Saba Fish RM13.90
Salted Saba Fish RM13.90
Teriyaki Salmon Head (RM13.90) 
Teriyaki Salmon Head (RM13.90)

The salmon head is tender and fresh. 
Pumpkin Korokke(RM7.90)

Pumpkin Korokke (RM 7.90)
 Teriyaki Chicken Set (RM12.90)
Teriyaki Chicken Set (RM12.90)
Warm udon noodles in savory hot soup.
Teriyaki Salmon (RM13.90)
The teriyaki salmon is juicy and tender.

Cawanmushi (RM4.90)
Chawanmushi (RM 4.90)
The Japanese Egg Custard is a delicate appetizer served in a cup. You will be impressed by the soft and silky texture of this appetizer. Every bite is utterly satisfying with the balanced flavor of sweet and saltiness. 

 Deep Fried Gyoza (RM9.90)
Deep Fried Gyoza RM 9.90
 Cha Soba and Soba 
Cha Soba and Soba
 The springiness of the noodles goes well with the sauce. 
Stir Kimchi Chicken 
Stir Kimchi Chicken 
I recommended this, the kimchi fried with chicken is very delicious even if you are not a kimchi lover. It goes well with rice and it is very appetizing so is definitely something that you try when you don’t have much appetite.

Takoyaki (RM7.90)
Takoyaki (RM 7.90)
Apart from delicious food, the service and ambiance of the restaurant makes you feel like you are at home after a long day. 
If you are looking for delicious and affordable japanese cuisine, you can visit Yuzu Japanese Restaurant to experience it yourself. 
Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
27, Jalan Austin Height 8/4, 
Tmn Mount Austin, 81100, Johor Bahru 
Operating hour: 11am to 10.30pm 
Till we meet again, 

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