Year 3 in Monash

Started my year 3 last week! Basically this post is a long ranting post and if you want to read just read it and shut up. If you cannot stand my ranting then just read up until here… 

The  first week was transition programme. How do I feel after first week? How is first week? If you ask me, I would have said horrible and I really foresee a bad semester or maybe bad year ahead. 
My timetable (as you can see above) for the first few weeks are already very hectic.. Third year… Imagine everyday I have to be in hospital by 7.30am, which means I need to go out from my house at 6.30am and ultimately wake up at 6am. EVERYDAY 🙁 Have to think of what to wear everyday.. No time for breakfast or any other things… Formal wear is killing me. Really hate it. I have 4 days end at 5pm and 1 day ends at 6pm. Can you imagine? No life wey….Have to be in the wards… and back and forth from monash and hospital. Monash building is located at a super rural place here and basically even though I am driving, I still need to think of where to park my car, how to travel between hospital and monash and the only way left is walking. I hate walking especially under the sun. A lot of people thinks is near but actually it is damn far and with the super big hospital compound… Walao. Don’t understand why Monash wants to do this to us. Hospital always got no parking and Monash also got a very limited parking space. Ishhhh.. Tell me how to be positive… 
Formal wear is another things that kill me. I would rather you kill me NOW than to wear something that is called “SENSIBLE”. Anyway I will just dress like a flower and dress as if I go to fashion show everyday. Dress length is always a problem so I can wear long dress or skirt but with split sides up until my thigh or wear short dress with long lacey end. If you want to caught me for any unprofessional conduct, give me a reason then, I fulfilled your “formal” and demanding requirement! And considered the local sensitivity at the same time by making sure that my dress is over the knee length. Hair must tie right. So I will just tie fashionably as if I go shopping like that. I want to see what can you say about it. Tie a butterfly,braid or do anything on my hair using my hair. (no fancy accessories involved!) Just trying my best to be formal. Then I can put make up and carry fancy handbag everyday! See what can monash said. 

 Anyway I am seriously unhappy although it is only the first week. Everyday come back home and lose my temper and cry. No appetite and cannot sleep at night also thinking about what to wear and what to expect the next day for the whole night. Never even sleep properly for the past week already. Hardly can find any reason to smile seriously. There isn’t any one good point about year 3. 
Somebody tells me: If you cannot change it then you accept it. 
Things happened for a reason but I totally don’t understand everything that happened. Dress code, professionalism, timetable, monash etc etc… 
I am sorry but I really cannot accept anything here. 


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