Year 3 Adventure- Surgical Rotation

I started my year 3 on Feb 2 and after one week of orientation,  I started my learning processes in Hospital Sultanah Aminah. My first rotation is in the Urology department. Urology is sort of a the study of genitourinary system. Of course, I was so excited. For the 3 weeks, I get the chance to go to the operation theater, to go to their clinic, their treatment room and also their ward. I felt so lost in the ward most of the time because I find it difficult to initiate a conversation with strangers. I don’t know what should I do, got no confident in my history taking, no confident to perform examination, worried that I elicit pain in the patient and so on….So of course, the first week never went well, I am so not used to getting up early in the morning and go to the ward and then never understand a single thing that was happening around. Everything was just so lost, the environment is so different compared to my year 1 and 2.

First time going into OT in oversized shirt? Honestly speaking, I find the clothing very ugly, If I have a chance, I will want to re-design it-.-

After 1 week, things got better. I found my hangout place, which was the clinic. I did my first catheterization there, insert the catheter via the umbilicus or the urethra, in which I literally get to see many many penis! (hahahaha), get to do PR examination which is like inserting my finger into the asshole, “fingered” the guy and did my venipuncture and also injection in the clinic. The feeling of greatness after sucking out blood. 

I am a vampire and I love sucking blood from people. 

With the love of going to clinic, I ended my 3 weeks there and started general surgery rotation on 2nd March. General surgery is relatively interesting as well although it get boring after a while. Most patients in the ward are having similar problem– Appendicitis, Obstructive jaundice, Carcinoma… there are nothing that is extraordinary interesting. However, I am more daring in talking to people so the ward becoming a bit interesting.

My general surgery bedside tutor was a kind and nice guy. He is so respectful to the patients and so motivating, inspiring for almost every bedside. He told us a lot and shared his experiences. I respect this surgeon not simply because of his knowledge but also his attitude towards things, patients and even students. Attending his bedside is always happy although the class will go on until 10.40-11 pm. You will feel fruitful and happy.

I still have 2 weeks in general surgery ward and after that I will move on to medical rotation. okay, i know i will hate medical because I simply feel that it will be dull. Maybe I should aim to be a surgeon instead of a physician because I like to see blood and cutting people but at the same time, my anatomy sucks-.-

My group-mate was all very kind and nice. I mean at least I don’t have to see fake people around.

Year 3 is generally good if there is no dress code and no sun. I hate walking to the hospital from uni because of that sun. I applied tons and tons of sunblock everyday but my skin tone still get darker… So i really hate it..

I also cannot understand the dress code and struggling to think of what to wear everyday. My perception of presentable is so much different than the monash’s perception. My perception of professionalism is also different. I don’t see why I must not wear t shirt to uni. I don’t see why is it so important to dress so formally to hospital. Maybe I got no issue with the dress code but just dislike the dress code due to the fact that they are forcing it onto me. I hate being forced to do something.


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