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Happy Chinese New Year! 
How is your new year so far? Have you been going to the new Paradigm mall in Johor Bahru?
 Gokako is a Malaysia in style food restaurant chain brand. The name derived from the combination of three main languages in Malaysia: “Goreng”, “Kao” ,”Koli”. It is a no pork no lark restaurant and they blend the arts, elements and culture of Malaysia in to the restaurant design. 
They have recently launched their new menu! Read on to see what is in their new menu. 
The entrance of the restaurant. It is located at level 4 of the mall and you can easily located it. 
Since it is a family-friendly restaurant, it has a kids zone and interactive wall for the family to enjoy the whole dining experience.
Kids Zone
Interactive wall. 
Gokako Juice 
Gokako Juice: Green apple, Roselle, Mango (From L to R)
What a colorful traffic light juice! I am in love with the colors of the Gokako Juice! 
 It is naturally made of green apple, roselle&rose syrup and mango!
I prefer the green apple more as it gave me the refreshing feeling throughout the meal. 
Main Dishes
Mini Burgers
Another colorful dish.
The red color burger is the Gokako Original Mini Burger.
It is consists of lettuce, coleslaw, chess, tomatoes and onions with the mini chicken chop. The coloring is created by using Beetroot vegetable, so if you are worried about the artificial coloring, it is not a problem at all. 
The blue color burger is Sambal Mini Burger. 
The coloring is created by Blue Pea flower. It is sambal flavour so do expect a little bit of spiciness in this! 
The yellow color burger is Gokako Gula Melaka Mini Burger. 
For the yellow color, it is created by using turmeric herbs. It used the gula malaka sauce to fry the chicken! 
All three burgers are recommended for kids, coated with homemade floor to make it more juicy. 
I actually love the Sambal mini burger here. The spiciness is just right to stimulate your taste buds. All the coloring are made up of natural ingredients and if you try really carefully, you might be able to taste the differences in the wholemeal bun. The chickens are juicy with the added flavor in different burgers.
1/4 Roasted Chicken (Original & Spicy) 
 Using their very own secret homemade sauce to bake and grill the marinated chicken drumsticks, the original roasted chicken goes well with the Gokako original dipping sauce.
If you like something slightly sour, you can also try the spicy chicken as it is slightly sour from the combination of fresh lemon with the Gokako spicy dipping sauce. The chicken is grilled and baked with the homemade specialty Gokako spicy sauce.
The meat is soft and tender and the chicken drumsticks are really huge! It tastes good by itself but by dipping the meat in their sauce, it gives off a heavy and addicting taste.  
From L to R: Original, Curry, Gula Melaka 
Fried Chicken Drumsticks 
This chicken platters definitely can satisfy you with the three different flavors. 
The skin is really crunchy with different flavor and the meat is really tender!
I really love the Gula Melaka flavor! It is really special since it is quite rare to encounter fried chicken drumstick with such a local flavor! 
Gula Melaka Pizza 
Another gula melaka dish as gula melaka is really well known ingredients in Malaysia. 
I really love this!! Do I repeat myself? I love this! With the homemade gula melaka sauce combined with onion, mixed cheese, fresh chicken and a finishing of sprinkle toasted coconut, this pizza is irresistible! The crust is thin and it is cut into 8 pieces. 
It tasted just right without being too sweet or salty. 
I would say this is a must try! 

Nasi Lemak Pizza 
Nasi Lemak is Malaysia’s national dish. This pizza uses the ingredients of nasi lemak: anchovies, peanuts, eggs, onion and chicken as the topping.  This pizza tasted perfect after added mixed cheese and the not too spicy sambal. It is not too spicy and at the same time you feel like you are eating nasi lemak! 
Side Dishes
Gokako Rice
Red color is beetroot rice.
Yellow is turmeric rice.
Green is pandan rice.
They are all prepared with natural ingredients of beetroot, turmeric and pandan respectively. 
I love the pandan rice! It is rich in pandan fragrance. 

Soup & Salad

Pumpkin Soup 
The pumpkin soup is made up of healthy ingredients such as carrot, potato and pumpkin! 
It is very creamy and smooth. 


Sweet Potatoes Fries 
Healthy and deliciously sweet.
Garlic Bread 
This bread goes well with gokako soup! It is a combination of garlic, butter, parsley and oil! 

Individual set/Combo Set
This is all for the choices of the new menu. The new menu allows you to have a choice of Gokako Individual Set at RM21.99 nett or Gokako Combo Set at either RM79.90 or RM109.90 nett. 
Image may contain: food and text
Image may contain: food
Lastly, do check out the latest signature dish, Burung Puyuh. It consists of 4 vitamins (A,B, D,K). I am sure you will want to try this out. 
Image from Gokako Facebook page
Gokako Malaysia
Lot 4F-49, Level 4, Paradigm Mall, 
Taman Bukit Mewah, 
81200, Johor Bahru, 
Operating hour: 10.30am-10.00pm
For more information, visit their 
Till we meet again, 

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