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Read something interesting from a book and just thought of sharing! 
“I think, therefore I am” or in Latin- Cogito ergo sum
is a famous declaration by a french philosopher, Rene Descartes.
Have you ever wondered who is the I that notices all that thinking? 
The story goes like this. 
I am noticing my own outfit. 
There’s my own outfit and there I am noticing the outfit. 
If I am noticing the outfit, I cannot be the outfit. 
The outfit changes continually but the part of me that notices that outfit does not change. 
Notice that you are noticing. 
Now take a moment and think how you would answer the question

You would probably start by
‘My name is Sherlyn, I am 22 years old….. and it goes on….. 

I am 5 feets 2 inches tall, I am wearing this outfit, I am thinking of scolding people… I am successful.. I am lousy.. I am this and that.
What you are doing is the physical self (your body) and the thinking self (your mind).
There is another sense of self here.
You who are noticing yourself. 
You who are currently noticing who you are, noticing your body and your mind. 
This is the another sense of self- The observing self, the part of you that is noticing everything, noticing that you are now reading my post.
Going in this direction, 
we can safely conclude that your thoughts are not yours because you can notice it. 
“I am noticing my thoughts. 
There’s my thoughts and there I am noticing the thoughts 
If I am noticing the thoughts, I cannot be the thoughts. 
The thoughts change continually but the part of me that notices the thoughts does not change.”
In conclusion, your body and mind changes but the observing self does not change no matter what.
It is just like a sky who does not change regardless of the weather changes. The sky remains as the sky. 
I hope you have a moving spiritual experience by now and have a better sense of self. 
Till we meet again, 

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