What To Expect In Medical School

How is everyone doing? 
It is already March and April is coming real soon! We are almost 1/3 of 2018, time flies. 
A lot of people has been asking me what am I doing nowadays since I graduated since last year!
Graduated from medical school means I finally get the times to do what I want at my own pace. 
At this point, you must be wondering what to expect in medical school. If you are someone who is considering medicine as a career, or even my Monash juniors who are going to start their Year 1 next week, you should totally give it a read. 
I wouldn’t say I am the best person to talk about this topic but just bear with me alright? 
You are starting your Year 1 and you are not sure what to do? 
Here are the common FAQs that I got: 
1. Is Monash better or Newcastle better? 
I am not in any position in answering this question since I never study in Newcastle before!
However, I can give you a rough idea on the course structure in Monash. MBBS in Monash is a 5 years course. The first 2 years are pre-clinical years based in Sunway, KL and the last 3 years are clinical years based in JB. 
2. What do you do in clinical years?
You go to hospital, attached to the clinic, follow the rounds and get to see how the senior doctors scolding the juniors doctor. 
Oh well, Malaysia is still going strong in term of the hierarchy system and workplace bully. 
You will see a lot of people use their seniority as an advantage. 
3. Do I have to purchase any medical book? 
For the first year, I guess all you need is anatomy book! You can survive on the lecture notes and tutorials! 
Don’t give in to peer pressure or all the kiasuness of your coursemate!
You will see a lot of people buying any single books that is recommended. The problem is do they even have the time to read it? 
Try to make use of the library and there are a lot of ebooks available circulating around! 
4. Is it compulsory to print out all the notes that we have? Or are we allowed to bring tablets during the lessons? 
It is based on your own personal preferences. You are allowed to bring electronic devices to the lessons but not to the exam hall of course.

5. How can I pass medical school? 

Be smart?
Not smart in studying but smart in finding your way around. A lot of compulsory things are not beneficial or compulsory per se.
Also, the movie can sometimes be real. You see a lot of teachers/students romance movies around for a good reason! It is happening in real life. I have heard a lot of scandals throughout the years and it is more common than you think! Don’t ever think that it is impossible as they are married. Afterall, who says a married man can’t cheat on their wife?
Trust me, there will be a lot of lecturers trying their luck by touching the students in the name of teaching clinical skills; from shoulders to hands and slowly asking you to go out with them, asking for sexual favors. Think about what you want to do with them! Afterall, men think with their penis isn’t it?

6. How do I do citation? 
This might be new to some of you too! I often get the questions on how to do citation from the first year as initially it seems overwhelming! Don’t worry, just go to this site http://www.citethisforme.com/ and choose your desired style, they will do everything for you! 
Don’t worry too much! Year 1 is pretty basic and simple! It may be overwhelming initially but slowly everything will fall in place eventually! 
Till we meet again, 

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