What is Life?

You define your own meaning of life. 
Sometimes it is unbearable to live on, 
You stop 
And you start to think
“What am I doing here?”
You realized 
Most people don’t know what are they doing in their life. 
Living in today’s world, life is competitive. 
Not unusual you hear things like:
“Mr A has this, why didn’t I get it”, 
“Mr B is driving a merc, why cant I afford it”
“Your child scored 98, why my child only get 97”
Towards the end, are you really living your own life? 
You depend on others to regulate your feelings, 
You let other people define your self worth
Your lose sight of your very own goals. 

You define your own meaning of life. 
You are lost, You are confused. 
What is the purpose of life? 
To be here and now is your true purpose. 
You need to find your own purpose in life. 
It is just like happiness. It come from within. 
Other people can contribute to your happiness but it must come from you. 
Going by this theory, It is same about making decisions. 
Decisions must come from yourself. No other people can make decision for you. 
You would know what is the best for yourself. You bear your own consequences. 
This is a tale of living as an adult. 
The end. 
Till we meet again,

Author: Sherlyn Goh

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