Vanity trove Kose Exclusive Edition July box.

I am super sorry for the super late review for this box. I receive the box quite a few months already and it is supposed to be July edition box.
For those of you who know me personally, you would know that I am extremely into beauty and makeup products and very conscious for my skin condition. Therefore, I would always buy a lot of skincare and makeup products from the outlets itself. However, the disadvantage of it is after I pay for the full size product and happily try out the product for the 1st time, I only find out that the product is not suitable for my skin and it is already too late. Now, with all the beauty box that come with trial size products, I am able to try the product before I buy it and this seriously save me a lot of money!
1st of all, this is my first experience of getting beauty box from Vanity Trove and I get to know this beauty box from another blogger wileetee. 🙂 
Beauty box supscription is like gambling since you will not know what is in the box before you receive the parcel but most of the women love surprises isn’t it? haha. Normally the beauty box will consists of different ranges of products in their trial size There are quite a few popular beauty box in Malaysia such as lilacbox, mivvabox, modbox and not to forget vanity trove. 
Vanity Trove is a Malaysian beauty box subscription service that delivers 6-8 deluxe beauty treats to your doorstep at an affordable price of RM50/box. Now you can personalise your own trove by choosing the samples to receive based on your skin, body and hair.
Vanity Trove July’s box is Kose Exclusive Edition box so all the product in the box from Kose.
The box come with a range of 6 products and I personally like the packaging of the box! It is like a drawer and I can recycle the box for other purposes 🙂
Drawer like trove
The trove that I received.

1) KOSE Pure Advance Oil Cleansing Gel, RM 119 (120g) 
Cleansing is the 1st step towards skincare 🙂 
Massage a cherry-size of Oil Cleansing Gel gently on  your face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with water.

2) KOSE Pure Advance Clear Up Wash, RM 99 (120g)

Lather up a sufficient amount of this cleanser with wet palms and then massage on face. Rinse thoroughly. Step 1 + Step 2 definitely would give you a clean face.

3) KOSE Pure Advance Essence Lotion II, RM 169 (160ml)

Pour the Essence Lotion onto a piece of cotton or the palm of your hands and gently pat it on to your skin. I will normally do it with cotton since I think cotton helps the skin to absorb the product better.

4) KOSE Pure Advance Serum II, RM 169 (120ml)

The Serum II adjusts the balance of natural oils and water content in your skin. Massage a sufficient and appropriate amont gently on your face.

5) KOSE Pure Advance Eye Jelly, RM 180 (20g)

Squeeze a small amount onto ring finger and gently pat on eye area.

  6) KOSE Deep Protection UV Sunblock, RM 118 (30g)

With the level of SPF 50+/PA++++, it definitely provide a deep protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays

I am actually quite disappointed with the july edition trove since I hope to receivee different ranges of products instead of product from a single brand but overall for the RM50 subscription fee, it definitely worth it!

Lastly, It is my confession time! Actually I haven get to try out the product yet simply because I haven finish using my own product and I really have too many skincare product but I definitely will try out soon! 🙂
 For the new vanity trove subscriber, you can still choose the surprise trove or you are now able to personalize your new trove based on your requirement  after you updating your beauty profile there!
Visit their website!  Vanity Trove
This is my box 🙂


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