Update of myself.

It is already October. One more month to final. 
Life is getting busier with all the nonsense going on. Hectic timetable with piles of things to study and to prepare for final. 
Officially ended my surgical rotation one month ago and now, my medical rotation is ending soon too. 
I hate medical rotation and the ward. The wards forever full with patients even by the walkway and forever happening. Recently somebody even said my hair is untidy to go to the ward. Perhaps the person has to go and search the definition of untidy. I am an adult and I have full control over my hair and my what I want to wear. I don’t think it is untidy nor messy. 
 Med school is like that, you cannot even have a tiny bit of control over your very own hair. 

The other story.. I don’t understand why the school wants to make our timetable so pack until we got no time to even replace a 2 hours bedside over the weekday and we will be having the bedside over the weekend. Imagine the packed timetable from Monday to Friday, then Sat hardly can rest and Sunday we will be having bedside? What is worse is I am staying quite far from the hospital, do I drive all the way (30-40 mins away) to hospital and back just for 2 hours bedside? Be reasonable a bit please? What the hell, and my group actually agreed with it, so I will be the only one who will be absent for the bedside! So unreasonable timing. :// 
Furthermore, I have been feeling rather sick everyday recently due to excessive tiredness until i need to take panadol almost everyday! (liver intoxicity?) 
Medical student cannot have life? Cannot even have a sunday family time? 
Life is getting more and more stressful here with final approaching. I just need a space to rant everything out since I cannot hold it by myself. 
Can my life be at least a bit better? 🙁 

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