The Message That I Get from Community-Based Practice (CBP)

I know it is unusual for me to write this kind of topic, but i just suddenly feel like writing it.

Issues always presence, no matter what is it.

MIDnight time is always the best confession and reflection time especially insomnia time.

My university has this programme called community-based practice (CBP) programme which basically requires us to go out of the university, explore the world, relax and have fun! I am kinda glad to have this kind of thingy as every Tuesday is like a break because it is quite relaxing and fun. (but the assignments part is killing me and it is being defined as useless assignments by almost everyone in the course. LOL)
My placement place is a children’s home for girls.

I don’t know whether I should comment about it but then next week is going to be my last time going there so while trying to work on my reflective journal from the very first visit, i just suddenly have the urge to compose a post. haha. ( I know I am wasting time composing the post but not writing journal and I hope that when i submit my assignment into turnitin, it won’t be highlighted as plagiarism in case I wrote the same things in the essay or journal. I also hope that this post will not violate the the monash social media policy.

The home appeared to be peaceful and just like a normal home but there are so many issues there.

Honestly, I feel quite sad for the children there, their life and their encounters. Everyone has a story behind it. There is a reason for their behaviours. Everything is beyond my imagination. Some of them like to study but because of the situation, they just never get to study or focus on their studies. Distraction is all over the place.

The younger kids in the home all behave differently but one thing in common, they change their mood very fast. Everything is unpredictable.

Some of the older kids were really good in their studies before they went into the home but after they went in, their performance kept dropping. Some of them were completely from chinese speaking background and school before this and then suddenly they just have to change to English speaking background and go to a Malay school. I don’t think this will be easy for them also. They also mentioned that they don’t like it, but what can they do? what can i do for them? none at all.

I am so lucky to have such a good parents, they always want to give the whole world to me, my childhood is full of happiness, no studies, no house chores, no fighting, never have to fight for playing space, toys and dolls. I get to play all sort of toys.

Primary school I was having a happy life also, i don’t have to worry about anything and they never give me any stress in study, I never get any tuition throughout the 6 years in my primary school.

Although I really hate the assignments from cbp programs, but I benefits a lot from the program.

The program make me realised that I am so bless to live in current condition, a lovely family and all the things that I have. I tend to take a lot of things for granted but in fact, the less fortunate out there can never get the things things that I took for granted all the while. I become a bit more positive throughout the visit.

I don’t think that the aim of the program is to enhance our life perception but I seriously think that the most important thing that I get from the program is to be grateful, to be thankful, to be happy with what I have and cherish every moment.

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Lastly, You can always help the less fortunate out there but what you can do for them is in fact very limited. 



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