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Hi people! I just started my holiday and guess what? After busying the whole day outside, when I came back home, I saw my parcel from The Lilac Box. It is definitely a surprise since this is my 1st ever beauty box with thelilac and I did not know what is inside until I opened the box! Now let’s see what they have inside!

The lilac box! 😀
Product Inside.

Message card from Lilac team
Products again.
As you can see! It is a range of products from head to toes and it is definitely a good timing to pamper myself from head to toes since I just finished my exam and from my hair to my face to my skin everything is in a horirble state! 

1) Academie Micellar Cleasing water
3 in 1 cleansing water- makeupremover, cleanser and toner! It would be definitely good for travelling since it can save your time and space! I tried once and its cleansing effect is good, at least it remove all my daily base makeup well. 

2) Alqvimia Oils

This small bag come with 3 bottle of oil, body sculptor oil, anti cellulite body oil and also shape reducer body oil. The body sculptor oil prevent excess liquid retention and activates microcirculation. The anti cellulite body oil is best in reducing excess localized fats in certain area of the body. The shape reducer body oil promotes elimination of accumulated fat. All of these oils are natural product and make of natural ingredients and is expect to help you to have beautiful body shape! 😀 Haven get to try it yet because I would like to combine these oils with my calories diet and also exercise to the its maximum effects! 🙂 

3)Aveda Various Products

Control Force Hair Spray, Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Hair Treatment and Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (leave-in treatment). Hair products!

4)  Calvin Klein Downtown Shower Gel

5) Guerlain Abeille Royale serum 

A french product here! Healing process consist of 3 mechanisms and this product stimulate both 3 healing process which is fibroblast migation, extracellular substance production and lastly tissue remodelling! And I am not crapping here since i learn it in my medical course! 🙂 Hence this product is believe effective against aging since the product target on skin repair or to be more precisely wrinkles repair! 

6) Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Tinted Moisturiser

I believe I do not have to mention more about Laura Mercier? haha!
4 Steps to a Flawless Face- Primer, foundation, concealer and powder! And this box already include 2 out of 4 products!  

Finally have a look at all the 6 products in the lilac box! I am sure all these products sure worth more than RM 50 and I only get it for RM50 which already includes the postage! And I am sure I will get their next box! Do check it out! haha. Lilac is the only beauty box that provides all the premium products generously. Not to forget! Thier service is very good also! They provide informations and answer your queries! 🙂 Register to their site and subscribe to their newsletter to get their latest update! 🙂

Official site Lilac official site
Lilac Facebook page Lilac facebook page

Family Photo

Enjoy your day and love 🙂



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