The Color of the Sky

Countless of days and nights. Countless of blue grey and dark sky. 
In the end, how are you going to determine the color of the sky? 

There are always a lot of ups and downs in life but recently my life seems to be mostly downs. 
Unsettled thoughts and unsettled decisions. 
Knowing enough that only I can help myself and no other people can help me but I need the C. 
C for courage.
When I am stressed, I love to go back to nature- the sky and the sea. 
Both of the Sky and the sea can be peaceful but they can choose not to be. 
When the sky is not peaceful, you get your thunderstorm. 
When the sea is not peaceful, you get your tsunami.
It is just like when I am peaceful I can be perfectly blue but when I am not, everything turns dark. 
If I could go back in time, will I ever make the same decision?

Author: Sherlyn Goh

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