I work at 硕士补习.All is children inside.Seriously,I like small kids if he or she is cute.IF they are not cute,i will not like them!you can say i m an unfair teacher!but it is true.Who will like someone who is not cute?LOL
I enjoy my life at tuition centre.surronded by all cute kids!except some who is really very fan d students.My yuan zhang,Anne is a nice person,she is always so sweet and soft,Although she is married and having 2 children already,she still look so gorgeous and charming=)Besides Anne,they are 3 more teachers there.I like Lena lai the most!she is very friendly when compare to the other two teachers!All the teachers there have great appetite,they eat really A LOT and always eat many junk foods.haha

Today is one of my students,Dorris’s birthday!Dorris is a cute student.Happy Birthday to her!haha.I hope can have cake to see!is see,NOT EAT!lol.As she promised will buy cake and celebrate there=)Let’s hope!

This is Yan Zi.She is always so cute and shy!haha
This is Jia Qian.He is a slow leaner.haha.He didnt even know how to read ABC.and how to count1 2 3..


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