Tea Break with #welton4me

It is 2017! I believe that many of you would have a lot of great plans and resolutions in the year! 
While you are busying planning the year and moving forward to have a great year, it is important to have a ME time as well! 
Coffee, Tea or Me! 
The best part is,
While you are having the ME time, find out how your house is doing the job for you! So just sit back, relax and enjoy your tea at your own pace, taking sip by sip whilst enjoying the surroundings!
What about joining me for a wonderful tea break with #welton4me where you get to enjoy your own little ME time.
Date: 21st January 2017 (Sat)
Time: 2pm to 6pm
Venue: Welton Development 
Enjoy your tea at your own pace, with your own perfect self and 2 of your best friends in a nice environment! P.S. it doesn’t need to be ME all the time, you could send it with your close friends or even your loved ones too! That’s one of the best perks of having your ME time!

 How to join: 

  1. Tag 2 friends and tell us in a creative manner why you need a tea break at the Green Haven FB Page 
  2. It is just that simple. The panel of judge will select top 15 creative slogans to be entitled to have a tea break with us! 
  3. Once we have selected you, you could invite your two friends that you’ve tagged to join us for a tea break on 21st Jan 2017.


Author: Sherlyn Goh

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