Sushi Mentai Outlet Relocation Grand Opening at Bukit Indah

It has been a while since my last blogged. In the previous post, I reviewed Sushi Mentai at Mount Austin, if you haven’t read the post, you can read it here
After I finished my clinic attachment in the hospital today, I was thinking where to go for lunch. While I am driving, I saw Sushi Mentai. I was thinking when do they moved their shop because I remember previously this is not the location of their shop, so I decided to drop by and have a look. 
It was lunch time, so there are not much parking available. After turning for a few round searching for parking, I was told that I can park at Tesco across the street and walk over. I find that it is very convenient since Tesco is just directly opposite it. I also found out that during dinner time, there will not have such problems mainly because it is after office hours. 
Walking crosser, I realized that they relocate their outlet and today is the grand opening of the new outlet! It is good to see that although they relocate their outlet, they still insist of the price for plate sushi, which is RM 2.80 for red and RM 1.80 for yellow
As I walked in, the first thing that I noticed is the new outlook. The lighting is more comfortable and warm compared to their previous outlet which was a bit harsh.
After I ordered my food, I looked around and I realized that they changed their sushi cover, previously the covers were square in shape but now they change into the round one! It definitely looks better. 
Also, noticed how long the conveyor is! From what I know, their conveyor is one of the longest in JB or even Malaysia! 
Looking closer, they have the new cover holder too! You can see it from the picture below! 
Other than that, I noticed the “Today’s Special” sushi stand on the conveyor too! You can easily know that what is the day’s special with the stand! 
Finally my food is here!!! 
RM 16.80
With the fresh salmon, octopus and white tuna, this sashimi definitely worth its price! All the ingredients are fresh and you can even taste the sweetness in it. Definitely must try! 
Unagi Cheese Maki (4 pieces)
RM 12.80 
Omelette sushi roll topped with roasted eel and cheese! 
Inari Wrap (6 pieces) 
RM 7.80 
With beancurd skin wrapped with rice sheet and crabstick, this inari wrap is definitely one of my favorite because it is low carb and healthy! If you are on diet, you can order this without being afraid of gaining weight! 
Tori Katsu Curry Rice 
RM 13.80 
With such a big portion and affordable price, I need not say much about this! The curry sauce is authentic Japanese sauce! Definitely a good choice if you go with elderly because some of the elderly prefer hot meal or rice over the sushi or raw food! 
Tempura Moriawase 
RM 13.80 
Assorted tempura with prawn and vegetables! Look at how generous are they with the amount of food! There are so many prawns with such an affordable price! 
 Salmon Mentaiyaki 
RM 14.80 
This is definitely one of my favourite too! You must try it! Salmon grilled with cod roe. If you like their mentai sauce, you will definitley like this! 
Spider Tamaki 
RM 5.80
Hand roll with fried soft shell crab! 
Overall, I am very satisfied with the service! With the high quality of the food and the affordable pricing, this is definitely a place of choice if you plan to have Japanese food for your meal. 
The Sushi Mentai Bukit Indah new location of the outlet is as followed
Sushi Mentai at Bukit Indah 
No 0114, Level 1, Indahwalk 3, 
Jalan Indah 15, Taman Bukit Indah
81200, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
Click here to visit their Facebook page.
Remember you can park your car at Tesco and walk over to their outlet if you can’t find a parking space during lunch time! 
I hope you enjoy reading my post!


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