Sushi Mentai at Mount Austin

Hello! After so long, my exam finally finished! (Completed my Year 3 if I pass) YAH! 
After exam, it is celebration time! I had been very busy although I am still sick after exam! Sunday is the weekend, it is also my family day! In the afternoon, we (my parents, sister and me) decided to have a lunch together! We all decided on Sushi Mentai at Mount Austin.You will soon know why we chose there after reading this post! Keep on reading. 
We arrived at Sushi Mentai after a 25 minutes drive from Setia Tropika! It is just same row as G Cafe, so very easy to locate it too! 🙂 
Before entering the restaurant! Wow, the price for the plate sushi is so cheap, Red for RM 2.80 and Pink for RM 1.80. It is very affordable.
Going into the restaurant, we started to order our food as everyone of us was really hungry. The waitress was really patience and helpful in helping us with our order.  
We were sitting right besides the conveyor belt. 
After a while, the food came! Look at what we ordered. 
Tori Katsu Curry Rice
The portion was really big and as you can see, they are really generous with the chicken as well as the curry sauce. The price for it is only RM 13.80. 
Tori Katsu Don RM 12.80
 Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki (RM 12.80) and Shiro Maguro Mentai (RM2.80)
The salmon mentai dragon maki is really really good. Prawn sushi roll top with salmon and mentai sauce! I give a thumb up for their mentai sauce! 😀 Hence, I ordered most of the sushi with the sauce. 

Tempura Moriawase
I love tempura as well! It is only RM 13.80

 Salmon Mentai 
 Ebi Mentai 

 Kappa Maki, Tamago Maki, Shiro Maguro Mentai 

Overall, we were really happy with the restaurant. The sushi is good and fresh, generous with the portion and sauce as well as the price is affordable! This is definitely the place for affordable and quality japanese food
Sushi Mentai Mount Austin, Johor Bahru
139, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100, Johor Bahru,
Facebook: Sushi Mentai

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