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Looking for a hair saloon in Johor Bahru?
Strategically located at KSL City, Studio M KSL is one of the affordable and quality hair saloon in Johor Bahru.

I visited the saloon about two weeks ago for a new hair color and hair treatment. Walking into the saloon, it is a clean and sleek environment which makes their customers relax throughout the services. They provide drinks and some reading materials as well.

Choosing a new hair color is never an easy job if you ask me, but I was lucky to have Jason’s professional opinions so the process didn’t take long.

The product he used for my hair dye is a brand called O-way, shorts for organic way. It is a organic hair color that does not contain ammonia. Want to know what color I got, read till the end to find out!

Mucota Scena +

After the coloring, we proceeded with hair treatment- Mucota Scena +
Have I mentioned that I am a big fans of Mucota all along? It is a brand from Japan that is catered for Asian’s hair.
It is a 5 steps treatments which include:
1. pH balance and Detox which helps in detoxing and neutralizing residual agents left from chemical treatment
2. Essence Scalp Cream which adds moisture to your hair and scalps and protects it from irritation. This is a scalp spa and there is a strong tea tree aroma.
3. Moisture Base Treatment for deep hydration
4. Intensive Hair Repair
5. Lustre Protect and Seal

The whole 5 steps took about an hour or so to complete and it leave your hair shiny smooth and silky. The staff was polite and patient in explaining every step in detail and answer any question I had.

If you are looking for a hair treatment that replenish the nutrients for your hair after any chemical services, this is definitely the one.

This is the final result for my hair. Ta-da, this is the hair color that we decided. It is a purplish red color and it looks really good under the sun! More photos and videos of it is on my instagram:

I also get some questions from my followers on how long the color last. So far it has been two weeks and the color is still vivid and hasn’t really faded much! If you are into coloring, you would know this kind of color usually fades in a week or two! So if you are asking me whether the color lasts, my answer will be a big YES. However, it also depends on individuals and your effort to maintain the color! Afterall, there is no ugly woman, only lazy ones!

I am happy with my experience at Studio M KSL and I would definitely recommend it to you!

Studio M KSL
Tel: 07-2890058

Till we meet again, xoxo

Author: Sherlyn Goh

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