Solution for Pigmentation: I-Light Phototherapy @ Ido’s Cosmeceutical

Pigmentation is produced due to the formation of melanin which can be the result of UV stimulation and inflammatory process. 
My mum is very concerned on her pigmentation problem and after some research, I decided to bring her to I-light phototherapy. 
It is designated for people who has the following concerns: 
♥️ Melanin pigmentation 
♥️ Pore Cleansing Acne Treatment
♥️ Skin Rejuvenation 
♥️ Skin Firming 

How it works? 
The I-light is a form of light ray that can rupture the melanin and excrete the melanin particles from the body through the metabolism process. It also stimulates collagen production to achieve a whitening, firming effect. 

How is the treatment done? 
1. Cleanse your face. 
2. Skin Analysis 
The professional beautician will explain the result of skin analysis to you. 
Starting of the treatment.
The “after” face is slightly more lifted, laughed line is reduced and brightened up immediately. 
Last step: Face Mask
Post treatment Care
After the treatment, it is advisable to apply mask diligently as there will be some dryness. Also, apply sunblock everyday! 
Her experience 
You can expect to feel some heat on your face and it is normal. There is no down time and painless. 
The whole treatment took about 30 minutes and the mask after the treatment soothes the skin immediately. The beautician was polite and professional in making us comfortable, explaining every step patiently and what to expect! We had a pleasant experience!
This is the photo before the first treatment and 2 weeks after. 
As you can see, the effect is pretty apparent. Her face is smaller, sharper due to the lifting effect. The small pigments on the face is reduced and lightened. Double chin is reduced as well! This is only after the first treatment! Both of us cannot wait to see the result in the coming weeks! 
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