Sleeping with ErgoDream™ 3D Ergonomic Eye Mask

I always have difficulty sleeping at night and so it is very important for me to practice sleep hygiene. One of the component of sleep hygiene is sleeping in a comfortable and dark room as sleeping in a bright room can mess up your melatonin level and worsen the sleep problem. 
I came across ErgoDream 3D Ergonomic Eye mask, although it look similar to the 3D sleep masks around, there are a few differences which give you a whole new sleeping experience. 
It is made from very soft viscoelastic foam which is floppy to touch, it is almost like a piece of fabric. This is different from the normal 3D masks that you came across which are filled with an open cell sponge material that is rough and stiff to wear. 
The Ergodream mask is completely opaque and soft to wear. You literally don’t feel that you are wearing an eye mask. This is because the viscoelastic foam distributed pressure evenly across your entire face. 
One thing I like about the ErgoDream is the eye cavities area. It does not contact with your eyes at all. This is crucial in achieving longer periods of restorative REM sleep in which your eyelids will move rapidly. 
The straps are thin and adjustable. They have dual straps to make the mask more comfortable to wear and make sure it is on even if you toss and turn during the night. 

After wearing it for almost a month

I can tell you this mask is really comfortable to wear. It give me a good sleep for the whole night. In fact, I don’t feel like I am actually wearing it while I go into sleep. It is not stuffy or warm like other eye masks which make the ErgoDream 3D mask stand out among the other masks. The thin and adjustable straps allow the mask to stay in place no matter how you toss around at night! It is completely opaque and well fitted on my face, which means it allows me to sleep in a complete darkness environment! 

It allows me to sleep everywhere even while travelling as I am a frequent traveler! 
Lastly, SleepWiz provide free shipping to both Singapore and Malaysia’s customers as well with 3 months warranty. 
What are you waiting for? You can get this mask from for only SGD 19.90!
A good sleep gives you a good start of the day! 
Till we meet again, 

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