Simply Barley & Red Bean Water, Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks

Before Christmas, I received a parcel from If you hasn’t read my post on the launching of iQueen,  you should read it here. Without further ado, let’s see what is in the parcel. 

All the products are safely wrap in bubble wrap to protect it. 

Product One: Simply Barley and Red Bean Water 

You might be thinking you can easily get to drink barley and red bean anywhere, what is so special about it right? The products guarantee you with zero detectable pesticide, zero detectable heavy metal and zero detectable preservatives.  Other than that, it is sugar free, no coloring, no flavoring, no seasoning, no antioxidants with ultra low calories. It is definitely a drink that can keep you young from the inside.

It is a concentrated extract and as promised, there will be no pesticides and preservatives. Inside there are 15 sachets with 2g each sachet. Each sachet contain 3.6 calories- LOW. 
The benefits of this red bean water is to eliminate edema, promote metabolism,provide rosy complexion by enriching the blood. For girls, it can also relieve menstrual pain. Other than all these, it also detoxify your body and last boost the immune system
The red bean water is really tasteless. I find it okay to drink like this! However, if you find it to difficult to drink or you would like to make it delicious, you can mixed with milk, juice, soya milk, tea, coffee or anything that you can think of.
Similar to the red bean water, this barley water is a concentrated extract and there are no pesticides and no additives. 
However, the benefits differ. This simply barley water has a whitening effect on your skin which gives you a flawless translucent skin. It also moisturizes your skin, eliminate edema and provide you with vitamin C, promote metabolism and maintain perfect body figure
Note: Pregnant or breastfeeding woman are not advised to consume this barley water. 

You can get the barley and red bean drinks here:
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Product Two: Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks

Ludeya Bio Cellulose Masks was known as “artificial skin”. It is breathable but waterproof. All their series uses Bio Fermentation’s Skingel technology. It produced using 21 days and form with very low temperature. The structure is exactly like human skin, which means it can completely bond with skin, penetrate deep into skin. Use 1 Ludeya Bio Cellulose= 7 times mask effect. Seanol Algae Polyphenol Extract was added to Ludeya Bio Cellulose Series. It is a combination of green algae, red algae, brown algae, blue algae, black algae, gold algae etc then derived the most active ingredients and polysaccharides.

Pink Box: Intensive Hydrating and Moisturizing

Silver: Deep Whitening and Hydrating

Black: Intensive Repairing 

Direction to use:

1) Take out the mask, spread the mask, remove the pear paper layer. (white layer) 
2) Place the bio cellulose mask onto your face. (the side after removing white layer), then remove the outer blue layer, gently press with fingers so it can fully cover your face. 
3) Wait for 20-30 minutes, then remove the mask. No need rinse off. 

After using the mask, I find that the size of the mask is just right to cover my face, it doesn’t drop off and hold tightly onto the face. The mask pack also comes with a lot of essence and I can even use the extra essence on my neck and hand. It is cooling!
After using the Deep whitening and hydrating mask (Silver pack), my face become brighter and at the same time feel more hydrated. The Intensive Hydrating and Moisturizing mask (pink pack) has also refine my pores other than keep my skin hydrated. 
You can get the masks here: 
You may also visit their page

Instagram: iqueenmy

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