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Hi, guys! It had been about 2 weeks since my last update! I am sorry for the late update. I have been very busying with a lot of stuffs. Cannot really reveal what I had been busying about but I get diarrhea and also fever for the past few days. Getting better now and thought of updating my blog! 
Let’s look at my outfit of the day! Okay, I must say you much ignore my chubby face and not so slim body figure.
What do you think about the outfit? I must admit that it is really simple. Anyway people always say you need to be rich to be able to dress up and fashionable and this is not true. Guess what? my whole outfit is really cheap!
Shirt from online at a price of RM15.
Skirt from Cotton on at RM15
Handmake Shoes from Taobao at RM20. It got some wedge heels somemore! suitable for short people like me! 
Bag from Vincci. 
It is really cheap right? I believed that I looked good and the whole outfit is suitable for casual outing  without being overdressing. Do you agree with me?

After dressing up, of course I am going out! Hehe. Look at my face, I seem to be enjoying the grass? Actually I dont even know whether it is real plant or not. Thank you for the cute photographer for the photos! The place is really nice if you are finding a good place to take photos! Actually it is at Burger King! OMG! Burger King where got so nice right? but the burger king at Setia Tropika is newly opened and I like part of the interior design. Way better than other branch! It is also not that crowded 😀 If you are in JB, you should visit it also!

Remember I said before that I am not eating any fast food and on diet! Yes, so I only went there to take photos.

That is all for now! Hope you enjoy reading!

Sherlyn. 🙂


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