Shapee Overnight Sanitary Panties

shapee overnight sanitary panties

If you are a woman, you surely will experience pad rashes, leakage during your week of menses or postpartum period. I always place a layer of clothes on the bed when I have period because who likes the messiness right?
Luckily, I came across Shapee Overnight Sanitary Panties, it is like a lifesaver!

What is so special about this?

Dri- Comfy Technology – It uses multi-layering materials for extra-long moisture retention.
Leak-Proof Protection – Fully enclosed side to prevent leakage.
360 comfort fit design – wear as regular panties and it fully fit with our baby shape.
Soft and Breathable Material.

Shapee Overnight Sanitary Panties review

When to use?

  • Working
  • Sleeping
  • Exercising
  • Confinement
  • Heavy Flow Period
    It is best to wear during heavy flow period or lochia stage
Shapee Overnight Sanitary Panties how it looks like

My verdict: Shapee Overnight Sanitary Panties

I love how it solves my problem. The material is soft and comfy to wear, it is stretchable and soft. I just wear it like normal panties during the days of my heavy period flow and I can sleep soundly without worries! With the dri-comfy technology, there is no discomfort or a wet feeling. Watch the youtube video below for demo and review 🙂

Short video

For more information, visit
FB/IG page: @shapeemy

Shapee Overnight Sanitary Panties

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