SexyLook Superior Hydrating Black Mask & SexyLook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set.

Hi! Again, I received parcel from! Guess what am I sharing with you guys this time? 
The two products in this post are both SexyLook products- SexyLook Superior Hydrating Black Mask and SexyLook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set!
Without further ado… Let’s see what happen after I used these products! 
Product one: SexyLook Superior Hydrating Black Mask

As you can see from the pictures, they are 3 types of masks here, in which 
Blue: Superior Hydrating Black Mask 
Pink: Superior Brightening Black Mask 
Gold: Superior Moisturizing Black Mask
I will be reviewing on the blue pack- Hydrating Black Mask. It is originated from Taiwan and the main function of the mask are hydrating and oil control.

Direction of use: 
1) Place the mask over your face after cleansing and toning. 
2) Remove after 15-20 minutes. 
3) Massage the remaining serum until it is fully absorbed. 
4) Rinse free.
Let’s see the mask. It  has the special neck type cut and is extended until neck. It consist of obsidian extract, combined with the jellyfish protein complex and type V collagen, the effect of the mask will be doubled.  The collagen also can stimulate the production of natural collagen. 

After using the mask, I feel that the mask is elastic. It give a special cooling feeling. The mask size is just right and it covered my neck as well. It adheres to skin well and never drop when I moved around to take pictures. The mask is rich with serum. My skin feel hydrated especially the cheek areas.
Below is the photo before and after mask. 

Overall, the mask indeed hydrating my skin and I am satisfied with it! 
You can get the mask from
Product Two: SexyLook Coffee Bean Black Head Pore Cleanser Set


I was so enlightened to be able to received this products! My skin always don’t have major problems but the blackhead on my nose and the pores are just annoying and I couldn’t get rid of it no matter what. 
As you can see, it is a 3 steps products. You will be wondering why coffee bean? The main ingredients for all these 3 products consist of Arabi coffee extract
First, it is Sebum Softener. 
After cleansing, just dispense suitable amount and massage it on the specific area to soften the black head. 
Second, it is Black Head Remover. Apply this after soften the black heads. You must apply a thick layer on the same area in which you apply the softener.
Just like this…. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes until it completely dry up..

Ps: Mine a bit over applied i guess?

Removed it from bottom to top..
Lastly, shrink toner. Pat gently on the same area again to refine pores, restore skin fairness and health. 

Now, it is the exciting part.. Let’s see before and after photos. 

 I have to admit that the result wasn’t that obvious and it did not really removed my black head, just some whitehead I guess. Maybe it is because my black head is too stubborn or maybe it is because I just used it for the first time? However, the products smell really coffee. At first I couldn’t get used to the coffee smell, but after getting use to it, it actually smell quite nice. Other than that, the nose feels cleaner and refreshing. 
I would try few more times and be hardworking to see whether I can get some obvious result.  
You can get the pore cleanser set from 
You may also visit their page
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