Segamat Rural Placement

Hello! I went to Segamat for a rural placement program for 2 weeks!

Segamat is a small town in Johor state (in case you guys don’t know about it) haha. 
Let’s have a look at my journey in Segamat! 😀 
There will have a lot of photos in this post as good pictures are better than 1000 words! Some of the photos was not taken by me but my group member, chien huey. 

The journey started. 

Baskin Robbin before we reached Segamat! My Group E members 😀

Sleeping on the bus.

The people in Segamat 

There are 12 peoples including me!
Being so sampat but yeah this is Amit and me! 

Another group photos at NanYang Kopitiam! This is a famous shop in Segamat! 
Hospital Visit 
We have Hospital Visit which happened almost everyday 
We played “Resistance” at night! It is a fun game! 
Formal group photos in Segamat with Ms Thana, Dr Riyaaz and another Doctor which I don’t know her name! (sorry) 
These are the awesome bunch of people! 
I basically have Hospital Visit almost everyday there and I visit Klinic Shan Chee and Klinic Tee&Tay! It was a good experience and 

Quoted from Dr Riyaaz: “Every minute you guys spend in a clinical environment is precious. I hope u all would have realised that by now!”

He is so nice and soft spoken but so good looking and pro!! I love him larh XD

The food in Segamat
Our first ever group dinner! 

I could not remember what is it and where I ate it! hahah but it looks delicious right 
I usually will not have supper but it is RAMLY BURGER! 
Had my first supper after so long in Segamat! Ramly chicker burger! 😀
NanYang Kopitiam Coffee! It is famous and it is damn good
Bread and food from NanYang Kopitiam again!

Kampung Cafe
Kampung cafe menu
Food from Kampung cafe! Not that nice though! Taste normal. 
Night scenery outside the Kampung Cafe

Exercise/Entertainment In Segamat


It was my first time playing bowling as I always refused to play! Actually it was fun! Just that the bowling balls all are so heavy! 🙁 Thank you for Amit and all who taught me how to play it well! haha.

Pool after 1 year! I forget how to play and have to learn again!
Me in Segamat 
Korean OOTD
Cap from Korea! 🙁 
Guess how this photo was taken? hehe

My bed in the hotel for the past 2 weeks! 

Forgot to mention, the Hotel that I stayed in was Golden Lake Hotel! It was quite a good hotel if you don’t compare it with high class 5 stars hotel larh! The wifi is fast, service is good and I am so satisfied with the hotel! hahah

I really don’t want to come back Sunway as I always feel so emo here! 🙁
In conclusion,  I enjoyed the journey and I love Segamat. Hope you enjoy reading my post as well!

Sherlyn. 😀

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