Rural week.

Accepting the facts in life may really change everything.

I refused to accept all this while and guess what, I really cannot accept it.

But, It is the time to accept the facts maybe? Accepting it might make my life better and easier, who knows right?

Really want to open my heart and accept but the problem is HOW?

Couldn’t bring myself to accept.


Surronded by a lot of aamzing people again. Thank you God for bringing me so many awesome people around me, those who scare I am too stress and help me to do some of my works, those who concern about me, those who worry about me and those who love me 😀

RURAL week is over. Segamat is really a nice place where the living pace is so slow and people there are so friendly. I really fully relaxed myself there. It is really a nice place to rest the mind and have some peace moment there. Escaping myself from city and from stress for 3 days is too short but I am glad that I will be able to recharge my energy there! 😀
Two nights in the Neo Pegasus Hotel is really amazing when I get to spent time with my my love and talk together until midnight. It was so happy and stress free. LOL.

While the day time, we went to Hospital Segamat, Klinic Kesihatan Segamat and Klinik Desa Kg Tengah. Among all this 3 visits, hospital Segamat is the most tiring visit and towards the end i jsut feel like sitting down! Saying about Hospital Segamat, there is a hot sri lankan lecturer! He is jsut too hot and waht I heard about him is he just came to malaysia for 3 months and is a clinical skills lecturer in JB! OMG! I cannot resist his hotness and cuteness! too cool and hot LOL.

I really got no comment about the visit in hospital instead I guess the free time is much more interesting than the visit haha. I went to 1 Segamat 2 days in a row! hehe. the things in Segamat is considered cheap! LOL. and both of the taxi driver is so friendly telling us about segamat. I really feel safe in Segamat! HAHA.

Look at what this two sampat did? hehe

Nicholas is as usual- didnt look into the camra while taking photos.
What we eat at night when we are having fun and nice time! 😀 Snacks time!
Happily recomment the dou hu hua to my friends and ended up all of them said is nice! because cannot get it in KL, so I ate 2 dou fu hua in a row! Super damn full! LOL. Guess the next time I eat this is after my semester end when I am back in JB!

After the visit, is time to come back to reality and face the book and assignment-.-
Is time to study since I guess my mid semester exam will be coming soon right-.-
Time flies and my semester is coming to week 5! is almost half of the semester already! Isnt it very fast? haha. Cannot wait for the 3 and a half months holiday and I really got a lot of things want to do in the holiday! Hope I can take TOPIK test for beginners and pick up Japanese Language also. 😀 and i hope I can plan up the korean trip also in the coming autumn! 😀 really want to go Korea in Autumn season! haha.

Even though I feel like working and earn money but i should enjoy life while I can right? 😀
 But I always want to work as a beer promoter and contact lens promoter! haha. Maybe can try to get the job since it will be a short time also! haha. And Hope to go for modelling, maybe also i shall start looking for modelling company or go for air stewardess interview for singapore airlines. And of coz, holiday means eating and dessert time, I want to go to ncie cafe and dessertssssssssssssss! Miss all the dessertsssss so much 🙁 and miss my friends in JB so much! Universal studio plan is still on and I hope it can be successful! Of coz the chinese new year! haha. Can go for home visit and meet up!

Cannot wait for holidays to come! 

‘Every day you wait is another day that you will never get back again. The most important thing is not to be bitter about life’s disappointments. Learn to let go of the past. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you will get everything you wish for, maybe you will get more than you ever could have imagines. who knows where life can take you? The road is long, and in the end, the journey is your destination. ‘ 

A quote to motivate myself, it is truly inspiring! 😀

Love. xoxo. 


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