Review+Giveaway: Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash

Hi! Today I am going to talk about female’s topic. However, if you are a guy, you should know it as well. So I hope everyone can continue reading it as you will definitely benefit from this post!

A lot of my friends around me do not understand why they need a feminine hygiene wash even though they are studying medicine. Some of them even think that you only need to use this after you have intimacy with other people…..

Reason why you need a suitable products for your vagina
Normal vagina pH is between 3.8 to 4.4 and the cleaning must be conducted with suitable products so that your vaginal pH will not be altered. Ordinary soap is alkali and it will upset the natural vagina pH which will lead to the imbalance of vaginal flora which causes feminine problems.

The product that I am going to talk about today is ESUI.

What is so special about this product?

  • It is made in France using France nano-technology, all natural antiseptic, plant based, natural detoxification and suitable for daily frequent use.
  • Based on standard pH 4.0 which is the most suitable pH for feminine hygiene products
  • Lighten pigmentation in vagina
  • Prevent gynaecological diseases
  • Lubricate, tone up vaginal muscles
  • Promote women’s wellness and improves intimacy. 
Classy packaging of the product

Esui received a lot of awards such as 2008/2009 Asia Pacific Excellent Brand, 2008 Asia Top Excellence Health Product, 2009/2010 Asia Pacific Super Health Brand, 21st century The Prestigious Brand and 2013 Asia Honesty Product Award. It had been proven to be FREE OF SIDE EFFECTS

The product come with flip cap and it is unlikely for leakage to happen.

It is a product suitable for ladies of ALL AGES which include puberty age young teenager.

Direction of Use:
Clean external vagina areas with water, pour a small amount of Esui onto palm, apply it on the areas and leave it for 60 seconds then rinsed thoroughly with water.

Sherlyn’s experience with the product: 
Actually this is my first time using feminine products so I cannot tell you what is good about this product compare to other feminine products. However, it is refreshing and I feel clean using it. The product smell really good and I personally like the smell. I used it in my daily shower!

The product come with 60ml and 150ml in which, 60ml for RM 21.90 and 150ml for RM 47.00 and it is available in all the local pharmacies such as watsons and caring pharmacies.

Do visit Esui website here:



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