Review on Bonjour and Bonsoir diet product

I tried few type of diet product. At this post I will make a review of Bonjour and Bonsoir.

Bonjour and Bonsoir

Bonjour and Bonsoir is the 1st product I tried. Bonjour is for morning and Bonsoir is for night. Bonjour will help u to block fat absorption and reduce your appetite while Bonsoir is for detocification purpose. Both of this taste quite nice but the Bonsoir is like a bit disgusting because it is nto that watery and I will become more n more solid if u dont consume immediately. (is like any fiber product if you get what i said)
I tried for 15 days and manage to lose about 2kg but I think the weight that I had lose is water weight because I gain back the 2kg super fast after I stop eating.

1st day of trying that product, I feel super weak and very thirsty. I drank really a lot of water. So if u really want to try this brand, u should try on holiday and be prepared to always go toilet.
2nd day is much better and i re-gain my energy back:) And due to the Bonsoir, I get smooth defecation process and my stool is more than normal. It is a detocification process i guess?
I started losing my weight at about 8th day 🙂

After 15 days, my tummy is smaller and I reduced 2 kg! but when i stop bonjour and bonsoir, I get constipation and doesnt go through the defecation process everyday compare to when i consume the product.

The price for it is RM 240 for 15 days of Bonjour and Bonsoir.

Overall, I would give 2.5/5 for this product 🙂

Stay tune for review on Leptin green coffee and CBS(slender and grace II capsules).

Bye 😀


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