Finishing my surgical rotation for year 3. Moving on to medical rotation in the coming 9 weeks. 
Surgical rotation is full with surprise and up and downs. Initially I thought it was unlucky of me to have certain bedside tutor but it ended up well. The one who was deemed to be bad by everyone else in the course, actually do try their best to deliver their knowledge. 
Sometimes people tends to be judgmental. I admit that I was being judgmental also. 
Recently, there is one big news in the uni. The story started like someone feels unsatisfied over certain tutor they get in the coming medical rotation and went to complain to the admin to make changes. They said it is because they get back the same tutor as last semester, so they want a change to ensure everybody get a different tutor from last semester! 
In my whole surgical rotation, I also get back the same bedside tutor, did I go make any complain? Sometimes people just have to stop feeling that they are very smart, got nothing to learn from the same tutor, you never know that how much knowledge he had. Sometimes, if you said you cannot learn anything from a tutor, maybe it is due to your own attitude and problems. So I think people should stop feeling proud of themselves. 
Rumors said that the whole group was full with elite and they put the top students in certain group to groom them. I think it ended up grooming a group of kiasu people who think that they deserve the best more than others, who wants the best for themselves, who makes a lot of complaints and issues and at the end of the day, affecting other groups. 
Gratitude is the best attitude
Life isn’t perfect, be thankful for what you have. 
Anyway, enough of the group. Let’s have some photos. 
Dr Peter Goh 
Dr Htar Htar 
Dr Chan 
Dr David Cheah 
Mr Ismail. 

That is it for now! Hope you enjoy reading:) 

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