Rainbow after rainy days

Past memory always makes people miserable. 

You might not agree with the above statements but it is true for me. I have so much things that can never let people know from my past.

I used to be very emotional whenever I think of what had happened. I couldn’t accept it, I was escaping from it. It is not something that I can let go easily.

Looking back the past, I would said it allows me to grow, grow into a shinier person. 


Things will change. I changed. Upon letting go the past, the rainy days, I found my rainbow. 
I am now enjoying the beautiful scenery of the rainbow. 
You will never know when the rainbow will appear. It is unpredictable and all you can do while waiting the rainbow to appear is improving yourself so that you can give your best to the rainbow. 
Rainbow doesn’t last long either, I know. After the rainbow, it is a rainy day again. However, I hope that the rainbow can last for me once. 
You shouldn’t simply give up just because you know that the rainbow doesn’t last. You might not know the rainbow might last forever for you. 
Life is unpredictable. Yes. I always thinks that it is much unpredictable. Just like how the rainbow appeared, just like how I am able to face myself again. 

Author: Sherlyn Goh

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