Quick post: Monash MBBS Course 2013

Hi people! haha.

I am here again! This time I am going to talk about my course. Weird huh? A bit lor… haha

Before I start, must make a disclaimer first, whatever I say here is just based on my experiences and my point of view. Do not take it seriously to certain “bad” contents! 

Recently there is one soon to be junior who told me he googled search ‘Monash MBBS 2013’ and so my blog link came out! haha. I am a bit happy lar since my blog is searchable by google searching engine so easily? haha. 
Admission process
If you are going to apply to Monash, you will need four things, ISAT, IELTS, pre-U results and lastly the interview! I used to wondering what is ISAT, this is actually international student admission test and you will need to pay USD 300 in order to take the test. 
My ISAT statement of result! haha

For the interview, it is some sort of special interview which divided into 4 stations if I am not mistaken! I couldn’t reveal much of the interview as I cannot really recall anything since it was quite a shock section for me! 🙁 However, basically they will give you a scenario in each station and you give have to answer the questions in certain amount of times! Tips here is you don’t really have to prepare anything like: what is your name, why are you interested in study medicine and all! haha. Not sure on their criteria but I think they are testing for your critical thinking, ethics, passion for the career bar! haha

So, if you managed to fulfil this 4 criterias, you just have to wait for your full offer letter and complete with all the admission procedures, which includes filling the acceptance form, complete medical examination and wes enrolment! ( I felt it was so troublesome but I guess it is the same for all uni lar haha) 
For the accomodation part, you have few choices, 
  • If you don’t drive (like me :p), just stay in sunway monash residence will be a good choice since it is convenient and you get a lot more sleeping time in the morning! haha
  • If you drive, there are other choices around the area, you can join this facebook group here to look for a room! 
  • If you like to walk, maybe sun-u residence will suit you! There is a long canopy walk which connect the residence to Monash university! Remember to bring your umbrella because if it rains, you will get wet, there is a roof but it doesn’t really cover much of the rain especially when it rains heavily! 
For the food, Monash cafeteria doesn’t really provides good food but it is eatable lar! haha. 
  • You can go to Lunch Box which is just besides Sunway Monash Residence (SMR), but the food there is quite horrible lar! Oily and not tasty at all! 
  • There are other choices around but require walking ler! Rock cafe, orange, white and so on… I don’t really like walking especially under the sun, 
  • Instant noodles, for a person who don’t like Lunch Box, don’t like to walk, you can choose instant noodles! haha. Learning to cook instant noodles in microwave is a must as it is so easy! hahaha 
For the course

“I will like to know is that difficult to score in Monash MBBS course for first year”

LOL. this question is hard to answer! If you are that kind of nerd people who study everyday, like group study, and have very good memory, think you won’t find it difficult to score. There are people who score 70 something and maybe to 80 something I think! haha.

If you are not really a hardworking person (like me) , then it will be difficult bar! haha. 
Also, it also depend on how much you want to score, if you are only aiming to pass like me then your life will be easier during normal days but not one week before exam! haha. I usually cannot even cover half of my lecture contents! and basically I don’t think I study anything for my 1st test but I don’t think the 1st test thingy is important because I never study and can say don’t know anything! haha. It is all depends! lol
KISS= Keep It Short & Sweet LOL 
Anyway, as the title says, it is just a really quick post and so I hope i did KISS! (KISS stands for keep it short & sweet) haha.

Attached a music video for you all! “Breathe” by Jonghyun and Taeyeon, my favourite song recently and believe me it is soooo good! I listened to 10thousand times a day and even make it as my ringtone! if you think k artists all become famous by their looks, you might change your view towards kpop after this song. keke

Sherlyn 🙂


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