Psychiatry Rotation + Bubbly talk of the Month

It’s been almost a month since I last blog. I should be more active in blogging but life is just very busy. 
My Psychiatry rotation in the famous “Permai” is coming to its end. 
Honestly I feel this is the best rotations in the whole year 3 and 4 lar. It’s interesting and you can correlate all the symptoms to yourself. 
There are patients who came in very depress, who cried in the middle of conversation, who are very anxious, who are in the middle of manic and such. 
I particularly like patient with schizophrenia. They are cute, they make little to no sense all the time, they do things that are unexpected and they are just like a talking baby sometimes. 
Anyway the rotation is a good exposure and is making me interested in doing psychiatry in future because it is the only rotation that physical examination is less important? I hate physical examination and body contact. Just kidding, because I believe that no one understand their feeling more than me. Well, there are some story behind it but yeah I still think that I am going to do well in this field. 
Unrelated to psychiatry but this happened during psychiatry rotation. My besties graduated as pharmacist and accountant. Celebrating Jia Min’s birthday during her 30 minutes lunch time. Is her first job and first birthday with her job! All the best yar!
Korean makeup of the day 🙂 

Korean Fashion Spectacles 🙂 

My Tiffany and Jimmy. Tiffany died because of overheated and Jimmy is getting depression now. 🙁 
A great day shooting something something unique. Stay tune to LerTravelDiary
New photography technique learnt. Diagonal intersection? 😀 Thanks for the sharing. 

Makeup of the day. Not Korean Makeup. This is personalized my kind of makeup 🙂 

Applying new technique of composition. Hope can improve better but not too bad right? 
LASLY, How can I miss out the hot POKEMON 

Upgraded to Miss Pokemon 
Currently Level 17 with 3 of my strongest eevee’s evolve 🙂 

That is all 🙂 
Thanks for reading! BYEBYE 


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