Palladium Cafe, Johor Bahru

Finally got the chance to visit Palladium Cafe after my final! It is located right besides EcoSummer/Spring sales gallery. 
I drove there on my own with the help of Waze! For a noobie driver like me, it is an achievement! 😀
This is the Palladium cafe. In case you didn’t know, the concept of the cafe is actually from Jay Chou’s music video: Handwritten Past. 

The day we went it was a cloudy to rainy day, so I ordered a hot cappuccino. Sitting down by the window, the scenery around the cafe was really beautiful, it resembles overseas. 

Taking picture with such a beautiful cafe is a must. I was actually having fever and when the picture was taken, I was standing under the drizzling rain. Sacrificed so much for a picture. 
Not to forget my friends for the day. It is nice to have you all! 
Lastly, watch the MV of Handwritten Past if you haven’t, you will realized the cafe look exactly the same!
Thank you and Enjoy your day! 

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