One day trip to Muar, Johor

As a Johorean, I have never really been to anywhere out of Johor Bahru until recently I had the chance to travel to the famous town in Johor- Muar.
From Segamat to Muar, it took us around an hour to reach! 
The first stop is definitely to fill up our tummy before anything else!

Otak-Otak Cheng Boi
If you didn’t know, otak-otak is one of the most famous food in Muar. It is defenitely a must try when you are in Muar.
Cheng Boi has a long history in otak-otak and it is famous even among the locals! 
Each stick of it is only RM 0.80 and you definitely can’t get enough from just one stick. 
Can you already smell the warm otak through the banana leaf? 
It is so fresh soft and chewy. You can feel that it melts in between your teeth while you are eating it. 
After filling our tummy, we went to 
Kampung Nelayan
Fishing villages is like one of the rare places you get to go especially if you are a city girl like me! The blue sky with the sea filled with fishing instruments and the friendly local fishermen, it definitely relaxes you. One small tip for you if you are going there, apply sunblock sparingly! It was really hot! 

In case you are wondering what is this, this is the process of making salted fish!

If you are someone who likes temple, there are a few nice temple around Kampung Nelayan. 
Rojak@ Sg Abong

This is in a residential area opposite electrical tower. It actually took us quite a while to get there as we thought it will be in some shop/ hawker center. 
The special thing about this rojak is it is actually made up of various vegetables. It is definitely something different and worth trying if you are sicked of the traditional fruit rojak. 
Moving on to the city center in Muar. 
The streets are actually divided into 3 colors: Red, blue and yellow. 

If you haven’t heard of pear juice, it is one of the must try in Muar! 
Located at Jalan Yahya, Pekan Muar, it is just a small stall in front of one of the shops. 
The pear juice is refreshing especially in the hot weather. Highly recommended! 

If you are a cafe kaki, try out Samp’s Cafe
Apart from western food, their dessert will make your mouth drooling. With varieties of fruits, generous amount of ice creams and chocolate sauce on top of toast, the toast has a rich and layered taste which make it incredibly good! A thumb up for this! 
A break in between the food, we dropped by Muar clock tower for some photos before proceeding to the next stop! 
Medan Selera Tiga Tiga Tiga located at Jalan Ali 

As a Malaysian, I am sure you will be familiar with char kuey teow but have you heard of otak otak char kuey teow? At the small corner of the hawker center, you can find this special local delights. The otak otak added a special flavour to the char kuey teow. It is pretty decent!

Dataran Tanjung Emas
It is like one of the instaworthy places to go in Muar! Expect to spent at least an hour there if you like to take photos and chill around after a whole day of food!

This ends our one day trip in Muar. 
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing. 
Till we see again, 

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