One Day Trip to Kluang, Johor

Hello! šŸ™‚ 
I went to Kluang for a day trip 2 months ago. I know this is kind of an old post but at least I am trying my best to retain the memory I have. 

Met up with my laogong and laopo at 9am and thanks to my laogong for driving us there!!

It took us about an hour to reach Kluang from JB and because we all had breakfast in JB, we all decided to drop by the ZenXin Organic Park. It was too early for the park visit and we were not interested in the farm, so the purpose of dropping by is just to take photos before we move forward to the next stop. 
1) ZenXin Organic Park 
The next stop is UK Farm. The mud road heading towards the farm is insane but you will not regret! 

3 of us actually decided to join the farm tour which is about 2-3 hours long. 
We joined the Mini Bus Farm Tour. The ticket price for adult is RM47.70 and for children is RM 37.10. This is inclusive of entrance ticket, animal feeding set, goat milk tasting and in house guide. 
Hopping onto the mini bus, the first stop is feedstock processing factory… Just looking at grass? Hmm
Goat Pen where you get to feed goat
Baby Goat Milk Feeding
After baby goat, there were actually duck pond, chicken feeding, rabbit park, ostrich and deer feeding. 

Deer is such a gentle animal. They basically licking while eating! 
Whereas ostrich is just hmmmm they werent too gentle with my hand šŸ™ 
There is also Jakun Village where there was one Orang Asli performed their dance with the stick they used to hunt animals! 
3) Kluang Railway Station
Of course this is the must visit place when you go to Kluang! The food is extremely cheap with good coffee. 

4) Uncle Frog Porridge 
This place has very good abalone porridge and hence 3 of us decided to share a bowl of it before heading back to JB!

This ends our one day trip in Kluang. 
I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. 
Till we see again, 


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