New Year Resolution 2014

Happy 2014

Hi! It is the last day of December of 2013 and 2014 is on its way! 🙂 2013 is considered a good year for me since everyone is safe, healthy and happy! 🙂

2013 is also my 1st year in the university! I passed my Year 1 😀
Short briefing of my Year 1 of MBBS in Monash University! My 1st semester started on March 2013 and the 1st ever event that I remembered now is transition camp in Port Dickson. haha. Okay, as I don’t like sun, so I was really worried before the transition camp. I brought so many sunblock to the camp as I want to maintain my Korean fair white skin and look like a Korean doll. haha.  At the end, there wasn’t much sun and I realised jungle trekking won’t have any sun as it is in jungle. Silly huh? haha

After transition camp, my semester and without even realising, the semester ended already. -.- It was just 12 busy and short weeks. And I can’t really recall anything in that 12 weeks now LOL.

Soon after semester 1, my semester 2 started. haha. Semester 2 is also consist of 12 busy and short weeks. I only remember having anatomy lectures and labs every week. YES! FREAKING EVERY WEEK. Luckily my group wasnt some hardcore group, everytime lab session I basically do nothing there and no one really doing anything in the group! LOL-.- So yeah, my anatomy sucks to the max and ended up almost going to die in the Year 1 final but I never really know anything from the books througout the whole semester -.- lol

Throughout the whole year, I get to know a lot of new people! Among them, I spent my time with Foong, Elynn and Nicholas. This 3 peoples is all different kind of person but at least all of us have 1 similarities! We are not so kiasu as compare to others! Cannot imagine my uni life without them!

I also started blogging again and I am lucky that I get to know some Jb bloggers! They are really amazing people 🙂

Sunway Pyramid also become a much better place since 2012. There are a lot of new shops! Snowflakes, H&M, Victoria Secret, Sephora! It is like heavan now!

I also kept in touch with my secondary school friends! They are like my best sisters ever who will support me and love me forever. 🙂

Since 2014 is coming soon, of course I am hoping for a great 2014! Now let’s see my resolutions for 2014.

1) Lose Weight
 Losing weight is always what I want. I lose about 2kg throughout 2013! So little 🙁 Even though there are time my weight almost hit my target weight, it still didn’t and it increase back. My target weight at the end of 2014 will be 40kg. My target waist size will be 23 inch! Wish me luck! 🙂
So No more FAST FOOD for the year!

2) Drink more water
Water. Water. Water. I am aiming for more water. Water benefits human right? haha. Good for skin, good for losing weight, good for health! 

3) Early to bed
Sleep before 12am everyday! It is quite impossible when my semester starts but I will try! lol. Don’t think anyone can sleep before 12am lar. It is like too hard with the amount of workload. (Actually I don’t think I sleep late is because of work or study-.-)  okay, but yes, I shall get rid of my insomnia and get quality sleep everyday! So determined is because of my skin again! My panda eyes is so horirble, must get rid of it!

4) Get rid of my blackheads!
Always having blackheads problem and I tried super variety of products but none of them work well! I have to cover my face with foundation, BB cream, CC cream, concealer, powder before I go out. Any recommendation? I am now on Holika Holika products for blackheads. Shall explore more products!

5) Improve blogging
Actually I have been blogging since 2010 or 2011 but most of the post are personal posts and emotional posts so I saved all my post in the drafts! lol. And I started to change into a beauty and lifestyle blogger this year and hopefully I can get better next year! 🙂 My blogging journey become so wonderful when I attend the1st event in my life- The IMAX event! It is so encouragine for me to continue to write 🙂  It is actually quite time consuming and required a lot of commitment!  I will try my best 🙂  

5) Stay true
This is funny! A lot of guys when confess told me they like me because I am true, not fake. lol. I don’t exactly know whether stay true is good since people easily get to know and understand me-.-
But I think It is way better than those fake people around! Maybe I will be fake when it is necessary but I will try to stay true as I am!

6) Get a boyfriend!
 Aww, this one I believe I don’t have to further elaborate it! haha.

7) Being more stylish and Dress nicely everyday!
I admit that I am lazy to dressup most of the time and just go to uni and go out with a simple t-shirt with shorts and slippers! Besides lazy to dressup, I also lazy to do my handwash laundry! All the nice clothes required handwash and I cannot bear to just send them to laundry! I want to be more stylish and always dress up nicely in the new year! No more lazying around!  

8) Save up money!
I want to get myself a good DSLR camera! Want to get myself a new lappy (my lappy please don’t jealous and continue to serve me well okay!) , new iphone, concerts, clothing, acccesories, online shopping, skincare products, makeup products! Everything is about money! 🙁 Such a big spender! My dad always said my boyfriend and husband will be the poorest man on the earth because of me-.-

9) Korean Language! 
Continue learning Korean so that I can get myself a Korean boyfriend when I visit Korean~hahaha. Joking! But I would like to become a fluent Korean speaker.

10) Be positive, Be happy!
Last but most important point! 🙂

That is all! 🙂

Have a Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!

Sherlyn 🙂


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