New Year of 2015

I know it has been almost one month since 2015 started. 
I know it might be a bit late to review my 2014 and make new year resolutions for 2015 but better late than never. 
1) Study 
I finished and passed my year 2 in the year of 2014 and it was a horrible and hectic year. Year 2 in monash was impossibly hectic until I doubt that they are not treating as a human. With so many assignments, they also filled out our timetable. Luckily I passed. 
Psps: If you want to study medicine, personally strongly advise you don’t go for monash-.- It will make your life miserable.-.- 

2) Health 
Health in 2014 also sucks. I get sick super often and the amount of antibiotic and medicine I took is impossibly a lot. You will be amazed at how often I go to doctor. Clinic is just like my second home. I just blame it to Monash also because the amount of stress that are putting on me is too high. 
3) Blogging 
I admit that I blogged less often in the year of 2014 to the extent that I neglected my blog. Again, this must blame Monash also because due to the amount of workloads, I couldn’t do anything else other than studying. However, I do try my best to blog and will be more active on all kinds of activities. 
4) Relationship 
2014 is the year that I got together with my boyfie and I am grateful to know him and to have him by my side all the while. It is a long distance relationship. OMO, long distance really sucks, miss him crazily and really need a lot of effort and time to maintain it. 
5) Friendship 
2014 was fulled with up and downs. I am grateful for those who are always with me, listened to me and stayed by my side. You know who you are. 🙂 
In the year of 2015, 
I just hope everything will get better. 
In Study, I hope that I can find my own direction in studies. However, I am very pissed at monash at the dress code. 🙁 In the email: “dress code that fits the image of future doctors…”, ” do not wish to curtail individual freedom”, “come as for formal clinical contact..” I really hate all these nonsense. You already restricted my freedom by saying this. LOCAL EXPECTATIONS AND SENSITIVITIES is all nonsense. What I dress is just me. PISSED
In health, perhaps stay healthy! Although I also feel very sick and get sick this month! 
Also, I hope to be able to blog more, stop lazying around and contribute more in my blogging activities! 
Of course lastly, stay happy with my love one and care one. 
Wishes getting simpler when people get older. I just it just applied to me… 

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