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As I am into fashion, I always like to change my style accordingly with different accessories. As a lady with shortsightedness, a new pair of glasses will be great in complementing my look in my daily life. Hence, I decided to get a new pair of glasses but it is so expensive after I tried to look out from optical shop.

Just when I was about to give up, I came across this online optical shop Pikoptical Piko
The owner of the shop has 10 years experience as an optician previously. As a family person, she decided to start up her own online business as it allows her to have a more flexible working hours. 
The order is simple and it is just within a few steps. 
1) Choose your favorite frame
2) Provide lens prescription
3) Make payment 
4) Waiting for your glasses to be delivered to your doorstep! 
I received my order within a week! Let’s have a look!  
As you can see, the glasses has its quality despite the super affordable price! 
The lens and frames from the shop are from local supplier. For the lens, it is made locally. 
For the frame, they have a wide variety of frames and it is mostly from Korea and China-made Korean design. 
Korean look 
Currently they have ongoing promotion in conjunction to the grand opening sales!
If you are wondering how affordable it is, It is
RM 50 with a complimentary 1.56 index multi-coated lens. 
It is much more affordable compare to any optical shop as online business does not require rental and utility as compared to a physical shop. Furthermore, they are having promotion!
The promotion period is from August to October! I hope you don’t miss it!
If you want to upgrade the lens, you can also do so! There are few lens for upgrading which include coating (blue coating to protect your eyes from blue ray which you can get it from most of the LED screen like TV, computer and hand phone), Index (thinner lens) and photochromic lens (change color lens). To upgrade it, you have to add on from a price range of RM 60 to RM 200 depends on which kind of lens you want. 
Besides glasses, they also do sell contact lens! You can contact the owner for more details 🙂 

My experience: 
It’s my first time getting a new pair of glasses online as I always don’t feel safe as the frame is very subjective according to individual’s face shape. However, the owner is very nice, friendly and patient to guide me along the process. 
Before she shipped out the order, she even looked at my picture and adjust the nose pad accordingly and as you can see, it fits just nicely on my nose 🙂 
The service is fast and efficient and overall I am very satisfied with the service and the quality of the glasses that I received! I will definitely recommended my friends to shop here! So, don’t hesitate anymore and act before the promotion ends.
For more information/ For making order: 
Private message their Facebook page at 
Whatsapp to 01120669660
Happy Shopping 🙂 Check on their site for the latest stock 🙂

Bye 🙂 


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