New Domain Live!

Hello! This is a good news!

My new domain is live now!

It is

However, if you like my previous blog address which is , you still can key in this in the address bar, it will be directed automatically to my new domain! No worry! haha.


I have always wanted to get my very own domain since it is cool and it is special only for me! However, no action was taken as it required me to pay and i am not sure how far can i go in blogging. What if I stop blogging? Isn’t it wasted? haha. Furthermore, i am not a prominent blogger or not really an active blogger, why should I get it right?

However, thank you for this special friend of mine who get a domain for me as a pressie since I like to blog so much! Without any hesitation, i get sherlynshuxian as my domain immediately! haha.

It is just my name which represent nothing to anyone but it is special to me!

By the way, my instagram username is also @sherlynshuxian and my twitter username is also @sherlynshuxian

Can you see why i decided to get haha.

Another piece of news~ I changed my blog background. It is actually a photo taken by me! Is not downloaded online one! haha.
What do you think of it? Nice?

Okay! This is all and I got to study for my final! Byebye


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