Natural Birth Experience – Arrival of Baby J

Natural Birth Experience

Happy Birthday to my son.
On 11.2.2022, I gave birth to my son. After 10 months of pregnancy, finally, I unloaded the baby and here I am, decided to record down my natural birth experience. Giving birth was fast for me and I am lucky that I didn’t have to go through the endless hours of excruciating contraction pain because my labour happened too fast and too sudden. My Baby J, you are finally here with mummy.


The day started uneventfully. At around 3 pm, I decided to visit a new shop for fish and chips for my lunch or dinner. After I finished my meal and went to the toilet, I saw some light colour blood which I wasn’t sure if it was blood. Without me knowing, this was my last meal before the baby is born.

May be an image of food and indoor
The expensive fish & chips before labours happened

I reached home around 5 pm and at that time I didn’t really feel anything. The contraction started around 6 pm and it came as a regular contraction, increasing in frequency and strength. Prior to that, I imagined how my labour was going to be and I was imagining the water to break first because, in Hollywood movies, labours always begin with a water break! 🙂

For me, the first sign of labour was the mucus plug followed by regular contraction. My water broke only when the midwife did the vaginal examination on me.

The contraction pain started around 6 pm and to be honest, it was still bearable when it started, which was like every 5-6 mins once. While my contraction came more and more frequent to the point that it was every 2-3 mins once, I managed to pack my hospital bag, boil water, feed the dog, shower before hubby fetched me to hospital.

CTG @admission

Everything happened so quickly and when I reached the hospital, I was already 6-7cm! Before all this, I planned to have an epidural but with the 6cm, it was too late for an epidural! My first thought was: OH MY GOD, I cannot do this without epidural! I was literally asking for all sorts of pain relief but before anything, I started pushing. YES, you are hearing it right, it happened so fast that I did not have time to think! Can you believe that I was playing my Shopee Farm game an hour before my baby was born?

Playing Shopee Farm still.

I don’t even remember how I push the baby out but it definitely felt like constipation! Everything happened so quickly and I am lucky to have a supportive doctor and supportive husband by my side! The doctor even taught my husband to massage my back while I was in pain. Honestly, I don’t think that it relieves the pain at all but the support counts!

I think my delivery happened so fast because I was very active throughout the pregnancy thanks to my hubby. We went to awesome places, home fairs, shopping and managed to have a few staycations throughout the pregnancy! And, we were having a staycation in Desaru 2 days before delivery!

Natural birth of Newborn Baby J
Welcome Baby J- My natural birth experience.

To be honest, I am not sure if baby J cries when he came out but he definitely opens his eyes right after it. He is such a small and alert baby!

Would like to thank everyone for the wishes and most importantly, my doctor, Dr Suresh for the patience and support throughout the whole journey. Even during delivery, he was there to encourage me because I was panicking like mad, grabbing every hand I could get around me. Thank you hubby for being there guiding my breathing and making jokes to relax me. Lastly, thank you to the family who take care of me when I was pregnant and my friends who check in all the time to make sure I am okay 🙂

Welcome to the world, baby J. The world is a painful place to live in but we will have each other from now onwards.

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