My first time highlighting my hair at Provost Hair Studio Setia Tropika

First of all, I must tell you guys that this is not a sponsor post! I personally go to this salon for quite a few years already and I am very satisfied with their services! haha
Show you their interior design first! haha. I never take any pictures of their front door because I never thought that I will write this post for them but since I am so satisfied with the hair studio and so I really wanted to share!
Anyway, I had been wanting to do something to my hair and I finally did it! 1st July shall be remembered forever because I get a new color on my hair other than black or white! LOL. It is purplish red!
The color chosen! 
This is my 1st time getting some color for my hair and I chose to highlight the lower part of my hair only because my hair is always black and I am not sure about anything and I also want to prevent hair damage lar! lol.  
Always thinking without action but this time I finally did it! This is because I heard that we were not allow to have any hair color other than black when we go into year 3! So yeah, i must act fast now because I am ending my year 2 soon! (hopefully!) So pathetic and angry with the shitty rule and I don’t understand the reasons also larh but I still hope I can get into year 3 lar, if not I will just bang onto the wall and die because repeating year 2 is same as asking me to die also. lol. Felt like dying now anyway.
Back to the topic, The hairdresser was amazingly awesome to give me suggestions and be so patient with my questions! I seriously love my hairdresser lar! He is so talkative just like me although sometimes I seriously don’t think he understands what I said lar. lol! And he is very professional, always can make me satisfied with my hair with his skills lol. 
In the process! btw, I was actually charging my phone which explained why the white line is there lol
………… After a long process, this is my the color that I get! It is quite good and pretty close to what I chose earlier I think! haha
Purplish red 

Anyway, below is a series of picture showing off my hair and I included a short caption below every picture! Please enjoy it haha. 
Being afraid to see people with my face. The feeling is so lost and I don’t know what to do. I am changing. From the original black, I am changing into red. Red stands for evil.
Unable to accept my own change, I tried my best to not change but it is hard. I can hardly raise up my head and look into anyone’s eyes. I understand that it is unavoidable.
Slowly, i was just trying to hide everything within me. I started to get better but it is just surfacely getting better. I think it is good enough. I realised i should just put on an act to show that I am alright than taking so much troubles to explain it because nobody will understand your story. 
I tried my best to smile but behind my smile, it is nothing but just a shell. The ending is: I don’t have anything left within me. I lost myself. 

In conclusion, I would honestly said it is one of the saloons that I like in Jb as the price is affordable, service is good and the hairdresser is friendly!

Provost Hair Studio Setia Tropika

Visit their facebook page here  to know more! 
NO. 10 JLN Setia Tropika 1/24 Taman Setia Tropika ,81200 JB.
  • 81200 Johor Bahru
Call them for more enquires or to make appointment: 
  • 07-235 0118


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