[MuffinBeauty] Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation, Eyebrow highlighter and Mascara

Hello! Today I am going to recommend you MuffinBeauty, a beauty review social platform for Asians. MuffinBeauty is the first beauty review community targeting Asian. In MuffinBeauty, it is a platform where everyone shares neutral and honest reviews about beauty products. Before travelling, I believe everyone will search reviews online to decide which hotel to stay? If you have done so, you would have know TripAdvisor! MuffinBeauty is just like a beauty version of Tripadvisor in Asia. Sounds Good?

Recently, Muffinbeauty set up a club known as Muffin Beauty Club. It is especially for beauty bloggers and enthusiasts who actively share review in their own social media sites. In order to join Muffin Beauty Club, you must have at least 10 reviews written in MuffinBeauty. What is the benefits of joining the club? 
You can access the redemption page in order to receive products for review- rewards on contributing the reviews! If you constantly share genuine and useful reviews to the community, you are at a higher chances to receive products for review!  
I was invited to join Muffin Beauty Club by their tea and here was my first beauty box from MuffinBeauty. Also, check out their page for more information. 
Today, I am going to review Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation #42 Nude Rose, Brow Beauty Touch (Eyebrow Highlighter) and Volume Glamour Push Up Black Waterproof Mascara.

Bourjois Nude Sensation Foundation #42 Nude Rose

The first thing I noticed about the foundation is that it smell really good! The texture is very creamy. 
It leaves my skin a smooth texture which lasted for more than 8 hours. Application is easy as you can even use hand to apply it since it spread out very well. After applying it, I just feel my skin being smoother and moisturized. 
However, the foundation seems to make my skin very oily towards the end of the day and the coverage is just moderate to me, enough to cover the pores well but to cover the breakups or dark circle, further concealer is needed. 
Let’s see the before and after photos. 
You can see that in the first picture, there are some red blemish around my nose area and in the second picture, it is hardly visible, the skin also become smoother. 
I like the foundation so far since it does its job well and at least it would not makes my skin dry. The color also matches with my skin. 
The price for it is RM 57.90 including GST. It is a reasonable price range for a foundation which does it jobs well. 

Brow Beauty Touch (Eyebrow Highlighter) 

Second product, the eyebrow highlighter. You can use it under your eyebrow arch! 
It is a crayon-like pencil. Easily apply under the eyebrow arch of even the inner eyes to make the eyes brighter. Normally I will just use a white color eye shadow for this function but with this eyebrow highlighter, it makes my life easier! Not only easily apply, it also easy to blend with the surrounding skin, creating a natural look while enhancing my eyes features. Just glide over the necessary area, time saving and convenient.  
For the cons? I couldn’t think of any!
It is RM 41.90 including GST. Again, worth it or not, you have to try it yourself! For me, I absolutely love it. 

Volume Glamour Push Up Black Waterproof Mascara

Lastly, it is mascara!

For the mascara, as you can see from the pictures, it is black in color, extremely black. Without using an eyelashes curler, you can see from the picture below, it lengthened my eyelashes as well as give it volume. I only applied one layer and you can see the results from the picture below. 
I love that it does not smudge, long lasting, easily remove with makeup removal and it lengthen my eyelashes. 
I would prefer if it add curls to my eyelashes but too bad, it doesn’t. 
It is RM 51.90 including GST which I think is a bit pricey for a mascara. 

That is all for now! Do you enjoy the 3 products today? 

The look with a simple lipstick and the 3 products!

For more information, visit,
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