Moodmojee: Boost Your Mood with Anchor Food Professionals

Anchor Food Professionals return to debut 6 new diary beverages to boost your mood.
These creative non-alcoholic beverages are catching on in all the major culinary cities of the world. Inspired by Asian cheese teas, Jack Tan, Associate Foodservice Director of the Anchor Food Professionals shared, ‘We understand the versatile role diary can play in delivering good taste, texture and appearance in any form whether it’ in beverage or cakes. Diary is traditionally very popular with Western markets but this time, we wanted to play with local ingredients to give it an overall Asian taste and feel.’
The Moodmojee campaign will see Anchor Food Professionals partnering with 15 food and beverage customers in both Peninsular and East Malaysia, where these creamy creations will be introduced n phases nationwide starting from November 2018 until January 2019.
The “boost your mood” drink at Living Room, Taman Pelangi
Designed as mood boosters, the range of beverages brings unexpected pairings aimed to delight taste buds. This year’s range promises pairings of zesty, sweet, savoury and salty flavours with creamy and smooth textures. Thinking of yuzu, pomegranate, mint, chocolate as some of the ingredients that will be paired and brought to life using the natural and fresh goodness of Anchor’s diary .
There are six dairy thirst-quenchers and it is available in two outlets in Johor, namely Living Room in Johor Bahru and Love Tea F&B in Kulai.
The three drinks available at Living Room include:
Yuzu Chocolate Surprise
For all the chocolate lovers, a drink to tingle the taste buds with the unlikely pairing of Yuzu and chocolate. The tangy Yuzu puree tempers the rich chocolate in the Yuzu Chocolate surprise which is rimmed with salt lemon cooling candy.
The Pom & Grey Twist 
A flavoured cheese tea.
Refreshing concoction of mood-boosting EarlGrey tea mixed with pomegranate syrup, topped with a generous layer of chocolate cream.
Tangy Brew 
A rich cold brew coffee mixed with the tangy freshness of orange which explodes in your mouth followed by its satisfying mixture of cream and cheese foam.
It is available at RM 9.90 each.
In Love Tea F&B, the White Chocoffee, Lemon Mint Meringue and Kaya- Nika Fusion will be sold at RM 12.90 each.
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