Melbourne Trip 1: Flinders Street, Australia day and Government’s house

Hi! How is your Chinese New Year? 
This year is my first time not celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia! 
As promised, this is the first post of my trip in Australia. 
For my first trip in Australia (26th Jan 2017), I went around Flinders street. That day was Australia Day, so there are national parade going on. It is actually my first time attending national parade, obviously I had a great experience! 
This is the famous Flinders Street Train Station. As you can see, there are many clocks there and apparently this is a popular meeting point for people 

Federation Square is around Flinders Street, this is a place whereby there is a big screen which will play all the events in Australia. When I was there, there was a live going on for Australia day. 

While waiting for the parade to start, we dropped by St Paul’s Cathedral. The church is very nice. Although the building is old, the designed is very detailed. You can basically see the detail of every part of building and it is very nice. 
The national parade is pretty COOL. Not much pictures because it was too crowded! There are different teams joining the parade, consisting of multi-racial teams. There were even lion dance joining the parade as well! I cannot really comment much because it was my first time going to parade but I pretty much enjoyed myself throughout the whole parade. 

After stopping by at the food truck nearby the parade for lunch, we decided to go to the government’s house. There were having an open day on that day itself! Apparently it is very rare for them to have open house and obviously it is a great opportunity for me to visit it. 

After the horrendous queue under the scorching sun, we finally get into the house! Luckily the government is good enough to distribute free sunblock for people!

I managed to snap some of the photos within the house! I always manage to grab their postcard! If you want a postcard from me, feel free to email me or comment on the post, who knows you might receive it from me! ( I will try my best to post it for you!) You do not have to pay for anything so no worries! 

This pretty much summed up my first day in Melbourne! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it 🙂 
Stay tune to the next post for my trip at Brighton and St Kilda’s beach! 
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That is all for now! Enjoy your week! Bye 🙂 


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