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I am always a lucky girl no matter what I do, same thing applied to blogging.

I started blogging because I am always very bubbly and I thought that I can share whatever in my life in this blog. I would really say myself being lucky because not too long after I started blogging, I was so honoured to be invited to the IMAX screening launching event thanks to Butterfly Project Malaysia. In the event, I get to know few other JB bloggers! This is when the story started.
At first, I never expect I would be able to go until this far in blogging. I am a medic babe and coping with my academic alone is enough to make me crazy. Nobody around me support me to blog, not even my parents and my coursemates. I was always lost and wondering whether I should continue to blog because it is very lonely to blog alone without any form of support from the people around me.  However, with the passion in writing and with the support of a group of people who share similar goal, I grew throughout the journey. 
You would never know how grateful I am to be able to meet them. Due to my studies, I always unable to join the conversation much and unable to attend most of the events or reviews opportunities in the group. I am so sorry 🙁 
After so long, you will be wondering who are they? They are Ma Cherie gals! 
Ma Cherie Logo. 
Ma Chérie is a French word- means my precious.
Remember there was a Pink Tecoma blossom in Johor back in March? It resembles the cherry blossom flower and it is unique. The occurrence of the blossom warms our hearts. After being so lost and lonely in the journey, I met them and I am working on my way to bloom. 
As Pink Tecoma blossom happened in Jb only, it is something which is representative enough since we are all bloggers from the small town-JB. Although we are from a small town, we still tried our very best to produce good blogs. We believe that our existence is precious to all Johoreans. 
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There are 11 of us and let me introduce you these awesome girls! We are the “Inkyfingers from JB“, in which “inky” depicts writing, “fingers” are what we use to blog and “inkyfingers” is what we are- the bloggers from Johor.

All the Inkyfingers from JB are very talented people and I seriously learn a lot from them! 

  1. Edlyn Heng
  2. Carinn
  3. Audrey
  4. Jennifer
  5. Lerler
  6. Kim Tan
  7. Eryn
  8. Princess Neverland
  9. Cece
  10. Eunice
  11. Me! LOL 
Lastly, I believe that it is fate who brought us together and I wish we will bloom and shine brightly in JB! 😀 Thank you for understand and tolerate with me all these while. <3
Don’t forget to support our group by liking it 😀 
Ma Cherie Facebook Page:

STAY TUNED for our first debut project! 😀 



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