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If you haven’t read the previous post on Lynnity’s products, you can read it here
Today I am going to focus on two of my favourite products from a series of Lynnity’s products range that I reviewed a while ago. 
You must be thinking why am I reviewing again but this time round is different as it is the chosen two. Read on.. 
Revealing two of my personal favourite products from Lynnity! 
1. Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic- Grade Essential Oil) and 
2. Lynnity Botanic Health (Citrus) 
Lynnity Relief (Pure Therapeutic- Grade Essential Oil) – 10ml for USD 25.89

Look closely into the bottle, you can see the flower inside- myosotis sylvatica flower. 
Lynnity Relief is proproetary blend of pure roll-on essential oils that is great in soothing minor discomforts!
The scent is invigorating, energizing and relieving which is great and acceptable among users from all ages. 
The roll on head offers convenient method of quick applications for forehead, temples and neck! 
I love the calming aroma which helps in soothing my emotions after a long, tiring and stressful day! It has definitely become one of my daily essentials to relieve stress and the stress related headache!  
You can get it here if you are interested! It may seem a bit pricey but trust me it can last for months even with very generous usage! 
Lynnity Botanic Health (Citrus)-15 sachets for USD 35.69

You know how you wish your family can stay healthy together with you? To be honest this product became my favourite simply because it helps my parents to stay healthy! 
Lynnity Health is a citrus blend which is proven to improve bone and joint health, cardiovascular health and cholesterol management- which is why it is more suitable for my parents as they always complain of joint pain!
The ingredients included mongosteen, blue green algae ad othosiphon.
From the picture, you can even see the seeds of the mangosteen. 
If you are struggling with your cholesterol but still refuse to take medication for it, It is worth for you to try Lynnity Botanic Health as the cholesterol lowering effect is proven!
You can get it here!
I believe that being healthy is a lifestyle and it is the best reward for yourself and people around you!
If you want to know more, 
you can visit their
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