Little update.

My blog had been so dead for so long! 🙁 I feel bad to leave it dead here.

I will be having exam in the coming week and there are 2 assignments deadlines also in the coming week! 🙁

Damn busy lar. Anyway I am doing fine here and I am sure I will be fine.-.- Hopefully

Anyway, sneakpeak on the coming post…

  • Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick
  • B.Liv masks
  • 3ce cream blusher 
  • Soap Gallery facial lotion
  • Feminine Hygiene Product
  • Sexylook Duo Lifting Effect Mask
This is just a list on my coming up post and hopefully I can complete it over my one week break with my Cbp health promotion and reflective journal assignment. 
Now I hope that I can pass my exam on the coming week! 
Wish me luck! 

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