Lapalette Beauty Pore Returning Iron Fill Up Corrector

Hi. You all know I have been really concerned about the eye cares right? 
I am backed with another eye care product review after 
It is Lapalette Beauty Pore Returning Iron Fill Up corrector
Lapalette Beauty is a Korean beauty skincare and cosmetic. Everyone knows that Korean beauty products are not only popular but well-loved and effective. 
This pore returning iron fill up corrector is the new form of eye care infused with anti-aging ingredient, riboxyltm. It manages the area around the eyes which has become sensitive and tired with the changing environment. With the content of the black tea, namely polyphenol and vitamins, it provide skin purification, hydration and vitality.  
It has a metal applicator which makes absorption faster and more effective. It is a diagonal cut which enhances adherence to the skin. 
Whitening and wrinkle enhancement 
Improve elasticity by promoting high quality collagen
Anti Aging 
Immediate cooling effect

The cream is white in color and it has a rich texture. It is non-greasy and provide the instant cooling effects as said. 

How to use? 
1. After cleansing, apply the basic skincare products. 
2. Press the tube and apply appropriate amount onto the eye area.
3. Gently massage using the metal applicators. 
4. Apply on areas with wrinkles morning and night.

Sherlyn’s Thoughts
I added this into my daily eye care’s routine. It was being absorbed readily by the skin and leave you a non-greasy and non-sticky feeling. The metal tip is helpful as well as I enjoyed massage my eyes area with it. It is travel-friendly and can be your good friend while you are traveling to a different environment. 
If you are looking for an eye care that does all the job, this is the one!
You can get yours at a discounted price at
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