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Many people asked me how was my confinement stay and hence I decided to blog about it 🙂 I decided to stay at Ladies Paradise confinement centre when I was 2 months pregnant as I knew I needed the rest, guidance to take care of my newborn and the adjustment period. As a first time mom, it was really hard to cope with the newborn, especially during the early day. With the unexpected engorgement, zero-knowledge in breastfeeding, monitoring the jaundice level, knowing the baby’s drinking pattern and behaviour, there is so much more to learn during this period. On top of that, my body was very weak after giving birth and I was too tired that I need to focus to recover before I can focus on my baby.

Baby photoshoot
Baby Jayden

Hence, imagine the amount of stress I went through in the past one month while trying to finish some work after giving birth since the baby decided to meet me earlier than expected. I am lucky to check in to the Ladies Paradise confinement centre right after giving birth and my stay here definitely helps me to cope with the mama’s life better.

Ladies Paradise Confinement Center is a combination of both modern and traditional practices which is ideal for moms who don’t follow the traditional practices blindly. There is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and medical specialist to monitor mom’s and baby’s health. I am lucky that here in Ladies Paradise, they have daily wound care, vaginal discharge monitoring, breast examination, blood pressure monitoring. Besides, there is also breastfeeding guide, which definitely helps a lot to kickstart my breastfeeding journey. The nursing staff here are equipped with knowledge on the position of latching and more importantly, how to prevent and solve the engorgement issues, which I swear is more painful than giving birth.

Ladies Paradise Confinement Center Breastfeeding support

For the meal, it is prescribed by a nutritionist and TCM practitioner and it is not like the traditional confinement meal. They customized the meal to every mom as everyone has different requirements.

Ladies Paradise Confinment center, confinement meal
confinement meal
confinement meal
confinement meal

Next, the confinement centre is clean and quiet which are perfect for resting. The cleaner will clean the room daily and change the bedsheet weekly. This is important as a hygienic, clean environment is essential for good health! Besides, The location is convenient as it is nearby to Hospital Sultan Ismail and a few other pediatric clinics. There is also 24 hours CCTV surveillance.

Ladies Paradise Confinement Centre Environment

After I got into the centre, I managed to get a good sleep almost every night to ensure proper recovery and I need to give credit to the nursing team who provides 24/7 care for both baby and mommy. They will let me know how much Jayden needs to drink and his bowel movement. There is also a jaundice assessment devise to monitor the jaundice level for the baby. My baby had jaundice and eventually required hospitalization for phototherapy and I am glad that there is daily monitoring for his bilirubin level.

Best confinement center in JB

There is also some training for mother on how to take care of my Jayden as I am the first time mom. I learn how to bathe my baby, the correct way to make milk, store milk and some knowledge on how to handle the baby when baby is sick in the future.

Ladies Paradise Confinement Centre Nursing care
Nursing Care

Last but not least, the massage services here is definitely worth mentioning. The kakak here is very experienced and I love the strength 🙂 The massage helps me to get the internal organ and my uterus back in place, restore my body to the pre-pregnancy shape and firm up my skin, especially the belly area! It reduces my discomfort and all the pain and aches from taking care of the baby and the pumping sessions.

Best postnatal massage, Johor Bahru
Thank you for my massage kakak, Kak Mona

Thank you all so much to the Ladies Paradise’s Team, my gratitude goes out to Grace,  Kak Mira, Maria, Zati, Fika and Atun for the amazing confinement experience. 

Ladies Paradise Confinement Center
Phone Number: 019-794 9988
Address: Taman Johor Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru

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