La Vie En Rose: The Heist [Lily]

Lily. The innocent one. 

Lily is about to have a hot bath after a long working day. She is a military weapon expert, specializing in designing fastest torpedoes for military use. She lives at the lab base quarter’s dormitory. Young and beautiful is her name. Next to the white coat she wears at work is her ID badge, earned from working for the biggest weapon manufacturer

All she feels is tired after a long day and she is relaxing in the bathtub. She closes her eyes to enjoy the quiet moment. She is happy, smiling innocently and beautifully after a hot bath. 

 She steps out from the bathtub and suddenly, someone knocks on her door… Who could it be at this hour?

Click HERE to find out who is it!
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Earrings :
Bracelet: Forever 21 from Princess Neverland

Photos by Kelvin Ong
Makeup by Audrey
Styled by Millionmars

This is part of the first fashion editorial project of Ma Cherie Johor Bloggers! Special thanks to our sponsors, Fashion Does Not Need To Be Expensive, LoveBagLoveBag and Hermess Hotel.

Enjoy 😀

Sherlyn 🙂

Disclaimer: The photos in the post were taken under safe conditions in which “Lily” wasn’t naked and was wearing clothes while taking it and there are other girls around. At the same time, the photos were not intended to have any provocative purposes.   


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