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Hello guys! Being a girl, I seriously feel happier when I get to dress up. I like to try out different style and develop my own dressing style and dressing attitude. Being in medical school does not stop me from dressing up nicely although whenever I dress up, people will start asking on the reasons why I dressed up so nicely and so on…. 
My Point NUMBER ONE is: You don’t need a reason to dress up
My point NUMBER TWO is: Ignore those people who thinks that you are weirdo for dressing up to classes. 
Lastly: Be Happy for what you wear and walk like a queen with full confidence 
I believe that being fashionable does not mean dressing up with the most expensive clothes or most branded things. It can be simple and fashionable as well. Being an enthusiastic Korean lover, today I am going to show you my korean inspired outfit of the day!  
Please read the whole post if possible as I really find this an inspiring post if you lose hope and faith in life. (Like myself) 
The dress is from Toclothesshop.com at a price of RM20~
The Lace up Pointed Toes Boots is from Happy2u.cc at a price of RM36~
The Three Little Flower Double Rope Necklace is from Happy2u.cc as well!  RM3.90! 
Lastly, the cardigan from Mango which I had it for few years already! 
Three Little Flower Double Rope Necklace 
Lace up Pointed Toes Boots
You see, as long as you know where to get cheap clothes, you can dress up nicely with very little efforts! 
Whatever it is, the dress is detachable! you can just remove the two flowy sides and it will become a short dress instantly! The material is pretty okay and people was telling me that she thought my dress was RM200 like that when it is only RM20~ haha 
BAT! haha
Next, the boots is definitely comfortable and inside is soft fur! I walked a whole day with it and I don’t get any legs pain problem! I definitely love it! 
What do you think of my outfit of the day, ootd? I personally very happy with it and I was so happy the whole day! 
Moving on to my face of the day! (Selca queen) haha
Face of the day! 
Did you notice I shape my eyebrow already? I am very happy with it because I told the person whatever you do, just make me look like a korean! and this is what i get! haha. And my eyebrow pencil is from Etude house (a Korean brand), it is so far a good eyebrow pencil! 
If you are wondering why there is so much difference with the size of the eyes, this is because the above picture was taken when i just woke up and I haven do anything with it! haaha

Trying Central Parting for my hair! I always very lazy to manage my hair because it is naturally curly and it looked like i had digital perm before when I never do anything with it! *Proud of it!

However, I find that actually I don’t look so bad with central parting as well lar!

TO be honest, I feel that I looked good in each and every pose, I think that I am talented in posing for pictures and I am not sure how I get the confident to say it! I wish I have this kind of confident in life especially when it comes to my study part. 

I hope I can be a model in future despite of my short stature! I know I am short and I wish I can be taller! I often feel sad about my height as I always being labelled “SHORT” by everyone! It would be so good if I can be a bit taller. However, I should accept my height as there is no way to change it now! T.T

I know it is unrealistic to say that my dream is to become a model. I understand it well. But, I would really like to have a try. I would like to join Amber Chia Academy to at least try to fulfill my dream. I know it is hard to success due to all the factors but I would really like to try. I know I wouldn’t regret!

Although people might be laughing that I have an unrealistic dream but I feel that it is better than those who live without dreams! I need a dream to live on. My dream and my passion in fashion industry are the reasons for me to smile. 

I will never stop dreaming. 

 I will work harder to achieve my very own dream irrespective of how people might judge me. I really want to live for myself.

I don’t mind taking up fashion illustration or modelling course despite of my current busy student-killing course.

Whatever it is, I believe that what makes life colourful is DREAM! So, never stop dreaming! Believe in yourself.

Before I end, I am very sorry for the quality of some pictures as it was taken with my phone! and photos credit to Carson! 

This is all and I hope you get something from my post! If you enjoy it, try reading my other korean inspired outfit post here!



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4 thoughts on “Korean Inspired outfit of the day

  1. You look gorgeous and I agree with you. Dress up for yourself and not for other to see, it's a way of enjoying yourself in a good looking attire! =)

  2. You buy from toclothesshop ? How is it , the condition is good ? I want to buy from them but I read a lot of negative comments say that they dont received the parcel and there's someone say that the dress she bough from them was torn . Im quite scared .

  3. You buy from toclothesshop ? How is it , the condition is good ? I want to buy from them but I read a lot of negative comments say that they dont received the parcel and there's someone say that the dress she bough from them was torn . Im quite scared .

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